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We Are Moving!

Exterior view of Historical Society building

     As of July 2017, the library has left our building and moved into their new home on 458 High School Rd.
Montrose, PA 18801
. But, that is not the move we are talking about. We the Historical Society, will be relocating and expanding our holdings into the entire building here at 18 Monument St. Montrose, PA 18801.


Our Museum will have the entire 2nd floor, giving you, the public, the opportunity to see more of the wonderful items in our collection... much of which has been in storage due to lack of exhibit space. These are the artifacts and items that tell the unique story of Susquehanna County. We will move our genealogy and local history department to the 1st floor, giving researchers and information seekers more space and better access to all materials. The first floor will also have a space for meetings and events for the public to learn more about local history and a museum shop to purchase our county history reprints, genealogy books, back issues of our Journal of Genealogy and Local History, and much, much more.  The basement will become a much needed work space for incoming donations to the museum and will allow for proper housing/re-housing and storage of existing collections.



Our Normal Hours Are:
















Now that we will be in the building by ourselves there may be a possibility that our regular hours could change. We currently do not plan to change them, but once we are settled in we will be taking a look to see what works best for our visitors and staff to see if any changes need to be made. Keep an eye out in the future on our website and our Facebook page for any of these possible changes in our hours.



If you would like to help with these necessary renovations, please consider giving a monetary donation to the Historical Society.  Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated!

*Donations of $1,000 or more will be recognized within the building*



For more details about the move/new hours/donations contact us:

by phone at: 570-278-1622    OR   email:

OR    you can mail us your inquiries at   18 Monument St Montrose, PA 18801



Scroll down or click HERE for a brief list of renovations that we will be doing to the building.​

SUMMER HOURS (May-Sept) Mon-Thurs 9-5


WINTER HOURS (Oct-April) Mon and Thurs 9-5;

Tues and Wed 12-5.


*If you plan to visit us in the Historical Society any time before the end June 2018, please contact us ahead of time to be sure that we will be open when you come. With the move and renovations, hours and days open may vary from the normal times listed above.*

Renovation List

Renovations to be done in the 18 Monument St Building


  • Painting walls, ceiling (all 3 floors) and concrete floors (basement & 1st floor)

  • New flooring in high traffic areas and covering cracked and worn out tiles (all 3 floors)

  • New lighting in Museum and where needed in rest of building (all 3 floors)

  • New handicap accessible bathroom/update old bathrooms (all 3 floors)

  • Extend bookshelves to allow genealogy binders and books to fit without fear of falling off the shelves (1st floor)

  • More electrical outlets (1st floor)

  • Repair and refinish all woodwork including doors and frames (all 3 floors)

  • Update exterior doors where needed

  • Create proper office space/work space for staff  (1st floor)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Add doors/gates/dividers to various room openings to seperate space as needed (1st floor)

  • New wiring and plumbing where needed (all 3 floors)

  • Turn one area into a museum shop (1st floor)


Our plan will be to re-create and maintain the 1907 look particularly within, what will become, the research area on the 1st floor with furnishings of that time frame; including a number of original chairs and tables still in use today.

  • Desks

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Lighting

Renovation Photos

~Click on the images to get larger view~

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