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Architectural Treasure Hunt

Did you know we have a Historic District here in Montrose, PA?

It was added to the National Register of Historic places in 2011 and includes 386 buildings and two sites, within the Montrose area, that were built between 1812 and 1935. 



In 2014 this hunt was started to get peoples interest in all the history that is in the area, specifically the Historic District of Montrose. Below are our previous Architectural Treasure Hunts, while you cant win any prizes for the old ones they are still great fun. Just click on the images and it will bring up a printable version that you are welcome to print out and do. If you want the answers to the previous years hunts just scroll down a bit farther and click on the year you want the answers to. 

1st Architectural Treasure Hunt
2nd Architectural Treasure Hunt
3rd Architectural Treasure Hunt


2014 Treasure Hunt Answers

2015 Treasure Hunt Answers

2016 Treasure Hunt Answers

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