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We Have Several Research Options Available

1. INDIVIDUAL GENEALOGY ($85.00 - includes postage and up to 20 photocopies; additional copies will be billed): Our individual genealogy search is limited to the ancestors and descendants of one person (line) (for example, a grandfather, uncle, parent) of one surname, not everyone with that surname. We do our best to identify the grandparents, parents, children, and other spouses and children. Researching the families of both a husband and a wife would constitute two individual genealogy searches and would cost $170.00 (one for the "Jones" family of the husband and one for the "Smith" family of the wife). We check all of our resources that apply to your line and make copies of all pertinent information. Due to the sheer scope of it, please understand results are often not immediate. When more than 20 copies result, we will contact you for payment of the additional charge ($0.25 per page) before sending you our results. (We apologize for any extra delay this may cause. However, an increasing number of people do not send their final payments, and we can no longer absorb the extra expenses.)



2. NEWSPAPER/FILE LOOKUP ($10.00 per name per file, plus SASE): Given both the month and the year, we will check our newspaper archives for a notice of birth, marriage, or death.  Note that births, in general, were not announced in the newspaper until the 1890s, and very rarely was the child's name given (being mentioned only as a boy, girl, or child). Because of the time it takes to conduct this search, the fee is NOT refundable when we cannot find the information requested.



3. SPECIAL REQUEST (fee to be determined): Research on local history topics, history of a property, and anything not covered in the categories above will be evaluated by staff. If we determine that the specialty search will take more than the usual time spent with our resources, we will charge a $100.00 fee (which will include postage and copying).



4. DO IT YOURSELF ($10.00 a day, plus copies): If you are in the area, or like/willing to travel, you may come in and do the research yourself. You would have access to family files and books and microfilm newspapers, and we would be there to help you in your search.     (For members the daily fee is waived, copies are still $0.25 a page. Interested in becoming a member? Check out the link here for more details about our membership.)   *For more information on where we are, see our About Us page!

All research request fees ARE required at the time of the request.

There is NO Refund if we cannot find any information. We appologize for this but due to the amount of time that is required to do any researching, we cannot afford to have that time go unpaid for.


COPIES: Because of damage to books, copyright laws and restrictions, and shortage of staff, we will not copy (or allow to be copied) certain published or large manuscript genealogies. Rates for copies made during the course of research are $0.25  per page for photocopies, $0.50 per page for microfilm, and map prices may vary.


OFFICIAL RECORDSWe have no original birth, marriage, or death certificates; wills or estate papers; naturalization papers; tax records; and so forth.  These are kept at the Susquehanna County Courthouse (Montrose, PA 18801).  Marriage records are available from 1885 to present, and birth and death records are available from 1893 to 1906. Please see our Research Materials page to find what we do have available.


Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a completed research request.

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