Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do to have a search conducted?

A: We offer several different types of searches. After you decide which type you want, please write down as much information as you can (names, dates, places, etc.) to help us identify your person. Please send this, with a check in the appropriate amount, to us. All requests for any type of research must be in writing and must be paid for in advance. Some searches will involve a further charge for copies and postage; this too must be paid in advance before we forward our results. For specific information on what types of searches we do and what we charge, see Research Options.



Q: What are your Research Fees?

A:         Daily Research

Members:            No Charge

Non-Members:    $10.00 per day



Photo Reproductions:        Historical Society Members- $25.00 per original photograph

                                                  Non-Members- $35.00 per original photograph                

                                                  Additional prints from one original photograph: $5.00 each


           Copy Prices (members & non members must pay copy fees)

Photocopies: $0.25 per page

Microfilm Prints: $0.50 per page

Map Copies: $1.00 each (price may vary)

Please contact the Historical Society for information on placing a Photo Reproduction order. A S&H fee and a signed Photo Reproduction Agreement form will be required for completion of mailed orders.

Q: Do you take Credit Card?

A: No we do not. We only accept Cash or Check.



Q: How do I become a member? and what does being a member include?

A:  There are two ways, you can just come right in and say you'd like to be a member and we can get you sorted out right then and there or you can fill out a request HERE, and mail it to us with your yearly payment of $30.00 

  •        When you are a member you will get Unlimited research visits during regular hours, a copy of our annual journal, and it all goes to help keep us up and running to continue preserving our County's History

  •        Our membership year is January-December, which means if you decide to join in say June, your membership only goes to December, it does not go all the way around to May. This is to make it easier on ourselves to keep everyones record straight. So keep that in mind when you plan on joining. 

  • Membership Cost:     Individual/Personal Membership$30.00 per calender year

                                          Business/Professional Research Membership: $200.00 per year 

*Our membership does not cover the cost of copies or print outs made while doing research. It also does not include mail-in researches.*    




Q: You have a Book/Surname File on my Family History how can I get a copy?

A:    For reasons of copyright, limited staff time, and condition of some books, we do not provide copies of books or of entire family files, and we cannot provide "quick look ups" to see if someone is mentioned in them. We are only able to consult them for researchers in the course of a full Surname Research. In the course of our research we will consult any books pertinent to your family and provide copies of relevant information. Also, researchers are welcome to use these books and files in our reference room. 




Q:  Do you have a lending policy for old newspapers and books?

A:  No, we do not. None of our resources circulate. Most of our books and newspapers are "one of a kind" and therefore can only be used in our reference room.




Q: Where can I get a birth certificate? death certificate? marriage certificate?

A:  We have no birth, death, or marriage certificates at the Historical Society. These are legal documents and are kept at the Courthouse  (Right next door across the green). They are available for the following years:      Birth:   1893 - 1906

                                                                             Death: 1893 - 1906

                                                                                       Marriage:  1885 - Present

*It is now possible to get some of these records on*



Q:  When are you open/ How can I can get in touch with you?

A: We have Summer and Winter Hours.

Our Summer Hours are May-September and we are open Monday through Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Our Winter Hours are October-April  and we are open Monday &Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday &Wednsday Noon- 5:00PM.  

***** We are CLOSED  New Year's, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. *****


      We are a limited staff so occasionally these hours may change, such as needing to close for holidays, special occasions, staff meetings, etc.. If you are traveling please feel free to call ahead of time to make sure we will be open on our regular seasonal times and you can plan your trip here accordingly.

You can call us at  570-278-1622 , or email us at For more information check out our About Us page.


******* UPDATE JUNE 2021: We are currently open Monday - Thursday  9AM-5PM and Every 3rd Saturday 10AM-2PM  **********



Q: How do I get information on my house? 
A:  Very few homes or buildings have information recorded specifically about them. For most homes, you begin by doing a deed search at the Courthouse to identify the people who have lived there. Trace back as far as you can. At the Historical Society, then, we can help you find more about the people who lived there, perhaps including references to when and by whom the house was built or a map showing its location. Researching a piece of property can be time consuming and often not yield the specific information you are looking for. However, you can still learn a lot about your neighborhood and an earlier time.



Q: Is it possible to give any Donations or have a Memorial here for someone?

A:  Yes! Just contact us for specific details. Our memorials are books purchased with a memorial donation and will contain a plaque identifying the donor and the person in whose memory the book was purchased. This is a gentle way to keep our loved ones with us and to help our collection grow. If you would like to Donate an item to the collection, that pertains to the county, please contact us to make sure it is something we can accept and then fill out our Gift Form. Monetary donations, of course, are always welcome as well.