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The  Museum

We have a wide variety of items in our collection for you to see here at the museum.

The Museum is FREE to the public, located on the 2nd floor, and is open during our regular hours.


Come to the front desk on the 1st floor and ask to see the museum and we will gladly take you up to see it.

The Museum is open for visitors

Year Round

Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM

March - November

During Third Weekend in Montrose

 *Saturday 10AM-2PM

(*The Saturday immediately following the 3rd Friday of ea Month)

While we do everything we can to maintain the above hours, weather, limited staffing and other events/holidays may affect our hours. Please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook for anything that may temporarily change our hours. You can also call or email us to confirm if there are any changes. 


Do you have a group, of 6 or more people, that you would like to bring to the museum for a tour? Call us at least  two weeks ahead of time and we can make plans to give you a tour.

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