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September 8 1893/1993

Birchardville - Fronia Dayton, who came home from Mansfield to spend her vacation at her father's, Watson Dayton, has returned to school in that place. AND John Devine, of the Ridge, opened a select school in the schoolhouse in Birchardville, Sept. 4th, with 32 scholars, and more to follow. It is always pleasant to look back to our happy school days, which have passed away, alas, all too soon; and we wish for all who attend this school the same measure of happiness we enjoyed

Rush - A youth who works for Thomas Haire was recklessly driving through the village a night ago, ran afoul of Byron McCauley's buggy, the wheels of Haire’s buggy passing between the wheel of McCauley's buggy and the box. The Haire vehicle was upset and the driver thrown out, while the axle on the other buggy was sprung and some of the woodwork broken. Fast driving in the dark, through the village when so many are passing to and fro, is inexcusable and dangerous.

Lathrop - Jasper Williams traded a cow to Peter Phillips for six swarms of bees.

Hallstead - According to the Hallstead Herald, the Hallstead Land Company has signed a contract with B. Franklin Birnstine of New York City, and Ward Ives, of West Eaton, to locate a large woolen blanket and silk ribbon mill on its property in Hallstead. The main building will be 50 by 207 feet, and the combined mill will employ over one hundred hands.

Jackson - Alas! Alas! how sad is defeat! so say the Jackson base ball club now. Victory was theirs, for twice, when they crossed bats with the Starrucca club. But baseball enthusiasm ran high in the little village of Starrucca, and they said, "Victory must be ours." So they came over last Saturday with the best players they could muster from the cities of Melrose and Stevens Point and indeed, victory was theirs, the score being 6 to 12 in their favor.

Montrose - The following have been granted marriage licenses since Aug. 30: E.L. Sloat to Lucy E. Tiffany, both of Harford. Geo. E. Stanton, Kingsley, to Gertrude M. Lindley, Brooklyn; Jay A. Vail to Mame Matthews, both of New Milford; A.E. Henderson to Alice Washburn, both of Jackson Twp., Clark L. Stevens, Bridgewater, to Harriet M. Stevens, Standing Stone, Bradford, Co.: W.D. Lawrence, West Lenox, to Mrs. Mina M. Smith of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Justin S. Lott, Forest City, to Minnie E. Steams, Scott Twp., Wayne Co.

Clifford - Edwin Maxey, of Clifford, who was a law student with W.D.B. Ainey during the summer, has been appointed President of Palatinate College, Myerstown, Pa., an institution which prepares students for the Sophomore class in any standard college. Mr. Maxey is a graduate of Bucknell College.

Dimock - C.C. Mills, of Dimock, has taken the Democrat since June, 1844, without a skip, and Mr. Mills says he wants to shake hands with anyone that has taken this paper as long as that without omission, being 50 years next June.

Susquehanna County - According to the census of 1890, Susquehanna County has but one Chinese resident. He is Wing Lee, of Susquehanna. According to the census of 1890, Wayne County has 3,659 farms; Pike, 960: Susquehanna 4,719; Lackawanna, 1,579; Wyoming, 1,732, and Luzerne, 2,850. Lancaster heads the list with 9,440. Hallstead now ranks fourth in population among the incorporated villages in Susquehanna County. Among the odd patents of recent invention is one for a harness covered with phosphorescent paint, which makes it luminous at night.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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