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September 4 1891/1991

Montrose - Our people must learn to be on time, or they will get left by the Lackawanna and Montrose Railroad. Monday morning, Arthur True was aboard the train, which was just ready to start, but his baggage had not arrived. The conductor delayed a little at his urgent request, but when he could wait no longer, although the baggage was in sight, Mr. True was obliged to disembark. As the express team came up with the trunks, Tom Smith at once recognized the gray mule as one he stole during the war, at Hilton Head, but he immediately recalled the fact that this mule was one he bought with a hog, and was over 30 years of age [no wonder the baggage was late] and appealing to Comrade Burgess for the veracity of his statement, who at once confirmed it, and everybody knows that Tom is never parsimonious of the truth. Conductor Carpenter wants people to understand his train makes no tarrying for ancient mules and that there will be no stopping to pick berries between Montrose and Alford.

Harford - W.H. Patterson has just completed a belfry on Vegetable Hall, fair ground. The bell will add another useful feature to the labor of Fair Day; calling together heads of different departments, judges, etc. A large Gentlemen's Dressing Room has been completed. The Executive Committee spared no time or money to make this Fair a success. The Society, appreciating good music, have secured Bauer's Band of Scranton. This alone is worth coming to Harford Fair.

Susquehanna - Ed Hannigan, a tramp who was arrested last Monday, plead guilty to vagrancy and was sentenced to the stone yard for five days, was released this morning. He refused, from the start, to do a stroke of work, and has been leading a quite. Tanner-like existence, on bread and water, ever since. Said he hadn't done any work in ten years or so, and didn't propose to commence just now. He departed the borough, not very fat, but with the satisfying consciousness that he "didn't do any work, just the same."

News Briefs - Press Notices: The first person who conceived the idea of putting a spoonful of ice cream into a glass of soda water, lives in Lycoming County, Pa., where he runs a drug store.

Montrose - Hyde Crocker, mail agent on the Montrose narrow gauge railroad, is quite a genius as an engraver on wood. He has cone cane on which he has inscribed in plain letters a brief history of Susquehanna County; on another the genealogy of the Crocker family and on a third staff the record of the Scranton Prisoners-of-War Association and names of its members.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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