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September 30 1910/2010

Susquehanna - There will be a public meeting in the orchard of M. M. Benson near Susquehanna, on Oct. 3, 1910, for the purpose of showing the benefits resulting from improved methods in use in the Model Orchards, conducted under the co-operation of the Division of Zoology of the State Department of Agriculture. At this meeting treated trees will be compared with those not treated and sprayed fruit shown beside unsprayed, grown under the same conditions.

Bridgewater Twp. - The school directors of Bridgewater will offer at public sale on Saturday, Oct. 8, 1910, at 2 p.m., on the premises, the school house and out buildings known as the Coolville school house near the residence of Henry Decker.

Forest City - The front of the Osgood building, known as the Crystal motion picture house, has been torn out and a business front put in its place. It will be occupied by Polousky Bros.

Uniondale - Mrs. W. A. Crane has opened a millinery business on Main Street.

Elk Lake - The 9th annual reunion of the Lathrop family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin S. Lathrop on Sept. 10th, 1910; there were 50 in attendance; dinner was furnished by the Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church. After dinner a short business meeting was held and the officers and committees were elected for another year, and the rest of the day was spent in visiting and social enjoyment. All say they had a good time this day being also the 80th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin S. Lathrop.

Thompson - Lura Pickering has gone to Ithaca where she will teach in the piano department of the Conservatory of Music. Allan D. Miller and Fred McNamara have resumed their studies, Allan in the law school at Carlisle, Pa., and the latter in the dental college at Baltimore.

Rush - D. W. Terry has purchased the J. A. Shadduck store property in Rushville and will continue the business. "Danny" is very popular and will do well.

Hallstead - The interest in drilling the oil well in Hallstead, deeper, is increasing every day and a number who are interested in a greater Hallstead, who had not been stockholders before, have recently subscribed for stock in order to help the matter along and the sale of the 2,000 additional shares are now practically assured. The prospect of striking oil is regarded as being far too good to give up at the present depth. Within a few days a representative of the local company will go to the oil regions to secure the best drillers that can be found and the work at the well will be rushed in order to get through before cold weather sets in.

Heart Lake - Sherman Griffing has a new motor wagon which is attracting a great deal of attention.

Flynn - George Phalen, of New York, one of the Pinkerton detectives, is spending his vacation with his parents here.

Forest Lake - The Warner school, after being closed for two years, reopened this season with an attendance of 19 scholars, with Miss Loretta McCabe as teacher. Many of the patrons are much pleased and return many thanks to the newly elected directors. ALSO James Broderick is the owner of a fine new buggy. All the girls are smiling on "Jim."

East Kingsley - Mr. Crosley has purchased the wood lot on the Ezekiel Titus homestead and is preparing to move his mill there and cut it up. It is the original woods that was taken up by one of the nine partners, 120 years ago, and is an old landmark.

Dundaff - Walter Rifenburg returned from the Syracuse fair last Wednesday, bringing with him his bride, nee Mrs. Fanny Sly. The villagers turned out to greet them at 10:30 (p.m.) with pans, guns, bells and everything to add a little noise to the racket made.

Brooklyn - Some of the finest celery we have every seen was shown us Saturday by C. A. Rozelle, who makes a specialty of growing it. Mr. Rozelle told us that he was very successful at the Harford Fair, taking several first premiums and the premium on collection of vegetables, which also entitled him to a $5 premium offered by seedman Burpee.

Auburn - The Rev. Hudgins is preaching some interesting temperance sermons at the different churches and judging from his remarks he is not very much in favor of either of the candidates [for governor] who Boss [Boies] Penrose [senior Senator from Pennsylvania] says we shall vote for.

Jackson - On the 12th of September there gathered at Mrs. Charles Bookstaver's home, a very happy company of 30 friends and neighbors, to celebrate the 90th birthday of her mother, Mrs. Caroline Bingham, it being a perfect surprise to grandma having been conceived and brought about by her daughter and grandchildren. Grandma Bingham's face beamed with that youthful smile that is a characteristic of her life, as the friends gathered to greet her and bring little tokens of love and flowers. Grandma was in her wheel chair and when the refreshments were served her granddaughter Lula, brought a small table and her schoolmate, Aunt Theda Tucker, was invited to a seat by her side to partake with her, while they talked of the days of their youth and to complete the surprise in stepped one of her former pastors, Rev. P. R. Tower, and read a poem in her honor. At 5 p.m. the friends took the hand of Mrs. Bingham, wishing her many years yet with us, and expressing their kind wishes for the pleasant time enjoyed at the home of Mrs. Bookstaver. [Grandma Bingham died in 1911].

Gettysburg Reunion - Frank S. Barnes and John Decker, of Hallstead; Augustus Smith and J. Palmer, of Franklin; John J. Stockholm, of Hickory Grove; George W. Burman, George Bowell, Isaac Rankin, of Ararat Summit; S. L. French and Charles Belcher of Thompson; Frank Angell of West Auburn, all of whom fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, will go to that place on Sept. 27, to attend the dedication of the Pennsylvania monument.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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