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September 30 1892/1992

Jackson - Mr. Codington, who runs the stage through Jackson, would like to get a horse in exchange for a mate to the one he has to drive on the road. Any one having a spirited animal will please give him a call, or meet him on his route between Susquehanna and South Gibson.

Springville- Contractor A.H. Gill is to build the new Methodist church. He'll do it well.

Lathrop - Messrs. George Mack Henry Fisk, Worden Rockwell, and John Lord and wife, of our township visited the Soldier's Reunion at Washington. They must have been surprised to see the great changes that have occurred since the grand review at the close of the Civil War, when they were young men. We are proud of our nation and hope the Sons of Veterans will endeavor to uphold the glory of our country by striving to be the best of citizens.

Harford - We caught a glimpse of the holy hocks in the front yard of the Misses Titus. These old fashioned flowers are nearly extinct. AND have you studied the new way of voting? Have your head level on the matter before Nov 8.

Susquehanna - A new engine is being built at the Susquehanna shops for the World's Fair.

Montrose - The new hitching rail, erected by L.B. Pickett on the west side of Public Avenue, presents a very neat appearance and is solid and substantial; it is a credit to the builder

South Montrose - A large number of our citizens witnessed the trotting race at South Montrose on Thursday afternoon. In the final class: Young Dick, owned by Will Harrington, won the purse. In the second class: Brown Medium, owned by F.I. Lott, was the winner. The race was for 300 yards, and in the last heat Brown Medium covered the distance in 2:22, the last 150 yards in 1:10 -a 2:29 1/3 clip. Considerable money changed hands on the result.

News Briefs- Election Note: If the parties having in charge the making up of the ballots to be used at the November election keep on in their nonsense and neglect of duty, there will be no time to have them printed and the . size will approach that of a large barn door. After much unnecessary delay the sample ticket sent out is size 24 by 14 inches. After this sample ticket had been studied and persons became acquainted with the "modus operand" of using it, a change in style was made and size increased by 31 by 14 inches. This was thought to be final, as it was accompanied by circulars quoting the law on the subject and the sanction of the Attorney General. This is the ticket that was used at the school on the Fair Ground last Thursday and thought to be the style of ticket to be used at the coming fall election but alas, it is not to be so. The Commissioners received word on Thursday evening that there is to be another change and this third monstrosity will be over four feet in length When are the citizens of this Commonwealth to be placed in possession of a ballot that they know will stand. There is evidently gross negligence somewhere.

News Briefs - Do not throw paper on the street; besides being very untidy, it is apt to frighten horses. AND The Firemen's parade, set for Friday of last week, was, owing to the inclement weather, postponed until today [Montrose]. AND We are under obligation to Tracy Darrow for a sample of fine honey. He gathered 159 pounds from 5 swarms.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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