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September 25 1908/2008

Hallstead - John Fernan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fernan, while flying a kite from a box car in the Hallstead yards Tuesday, fell a distance of about ten feet from the top of the car. He received a compound fracture of the right leg, a badly sprained arm and was otherwise cut and bruised. Dr. Rosencrance attended the young man, who is getting along nicely.

Susquehanna - J. H. Doolittle, one of Susquehanna's oldest and best-known citizens, died early last Friday evening. He was one of that town's pioneer hardware men and was respected for his sterling qualities. AND Capt. R. H. Hall, the well known Susquehanna pension attorney, died at his home Sept 16, from a general breakdown of health. The deceased was about 66 years of age and had resided here since 1865. He was a veteran of the war, having seen three years of active service in the 89th New York Infantry. He had gained considerable practice in prosecuting pension claims and was engaged the Saturday previous to his death preparing a number of claims for an increase.

Hopbottom - Work at the apple evaporator has commenced. This gives employment to a goodly number of people.

Montrose - The unfailing source of water supply, which Montrose has, is shown by the height of water in Lake Mont Rose, where the town gets its water. The lake is not lowered to any appreciable extent, the big springs feeding it steadily and consumers have used unstintedly from the spigots for household, garden, lawn and street purposes. The vegetable growth, however, will always give it at times an unpleasant taste, and until the water company installs a filtering plant there will ever be dissatisfaction. With this improvement the town would have one of the purest and best water systems in the country.

Franklin Forks - Miss Julia Wheaton left last Saturday for New York, where she will attend Pratt Institute.

Highlands, New Milford Twp. - The feature of the closing night of the summer amusement season at Luna Park, Long Island, was the awarding of 25 building lots to the persons who drew the lucky numbers. Miss Lena Barnard, of this place, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Benson, in Buffalo, NY was one of the lucky ones, and her reward will be a $100 building [lot] located in a tract at Riverhead, L.I.

Middletown Centre - Married, on Sept. 9, George Phillips, of this place, and Miss Sarah Wood of Spencer, N.Y.

Lenoxville - Messrs Wayne Stephens, Willie Knickerbocker, Claude West and Misses Freda Robinson, Faye Hallstead, and Edna Brownell, took an "auto" trip to the Electric City, last Saturday.

Brandt - The little town of Brandt, on the Jefferson division, received an irreparable injury Friday in the destruction of the plant of the Brandt Chemical Co., by fire. The flames were started by an explosion of acids and as there is no fire department in the place, the inhabitants fought the fire with a bucket brigade, but to little purpose.

Springville - The marriage of L. Anna Lyman to Homer L. Smith, of Montrose, is announced to take place at St. Andrew's Episcopal church, Thursday, Oct. 1, 1908 at 1 o'clock.

Jackson - Nothing but smoke and dust can be seen at present. The water is failing in wells and streams. Oh how much we need rain, so much damage being done by fire.

Uniondale - There are fires in every direction. A Russian family over the mountain east from here went one day last week with farm produce to Forest City and when they returned found their house, barn and all its contents burned to the ground. All they had left, except their land, was the horse and wagon they had with them. AND Thieves recently entered the cellar of J. N. Corey and secured several cans of fruit.

Apolacon - What came very near being a very serious runaway was narrowly averted by the good judgment used by the team in question. One day last week Newton Lent, proprietor of Wyalusing Lake Farm, was drawing lumber from Bear Swamp mill. Mr. Lent went behind the wagon to close a gate and the horses took it in their heads to skidoo, which they did and ran at breakneck speed across the flat to the foot of the hill, where they stopped.

Forest City - Perhaps it isn't generally known that the school board was in the farming business this summer. They raised a crop of oats on the No. 2 school grounds from which they realized a ten dollar bill. Paul Warhola was the successful bidder for the field and the harvested the crop himself. The oats were sown to get a good sod for grass.

South Auburn - Miss Ruth Love entered the Norristown Hospital last week where she will receive training as a nurse. AND At Shannon Hill Mrs. James Keogh and daughter, May, helped Miss Marcella clean out her schoolhouse last Friday.

Fires: There have been many forest fires along the Montrose branch of the Lackawanna Valley Railroad, recently. The trains were veritable firebugs some days, leaving long stretches of fires behind them, at times. Charlie Post put out four fires on his land Monday and more or less other days, watching it daily for the past week. At Coon's crossing, Mr. Corfield had to fight fire; and others all along the line. Very serious damage was done on the Cope place at Dimock, and at E. O. Bailey's. Geo. P. Wells and J. Shannon had fields and woods set fire from engine sparks and it was by heroic fighting that their buildings were saved, as the flames spread rapidly.

Remedy for Typhoid Fever: As recommended by one who has seen it repeatedly tried successfully. Take old-fashioned gunpowder, pour boiling water on it, and let it cool, then take one teaspoonful every hour. The gunpowder settles to the bottom and is not to be taken, but simply the water. This is both a sure cure and preventive.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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