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September 22 1905/2005

Brooklyn - Alice Lee, who has taken a trip to the gold districts of Wyoming, has arrived safely. She had a ride of 80 miles by stage after she left the railroad.

Franklin Forks - The annual reunion of the Stockholm family was held in this place at the home of A. E. Stockholm last Saturday. Over 80 relatives partook of the bountiful dinner, which was served under a large tent on the lawn. A delightful time was enjoyed by those present. William J. Stockholm, formerly of the Philippine Islands but now of Cleveland, Ohio, made the long trip to spend the day with his relatives, returning to his western home on Sunday. Relatives were present from Binghamton, Paterson, NJ, Hallstead and other places.

Great Bend - Master Russell Dowling was playing with a pistol Sunday morning, having the barrel filled with chunks of coal, dirt, pins and almost any other substance he could poke down the barrel. It unexpectedly went off when his hand was over the muzzle. Dr. Treat extracted the charge and unless blood poisoning develops the youngster will experience no serious consequences.

Uniondale - E. Feldman & Co., of Forest City, are soon to open a store in the building owned by Mrs. A. E. Ellis.

South Gibson - We were the glad recipient of a beautiful bouquet of asters and gladiolas from the extensive flowerbeds on Eldridge Snyder's lawn, which is the admiration of all who see it. Mr. Snyder intends to add to his already flourishing business, flowering plants and roses, which will be appreciated by all lovers of flowers.

Lakeside - Some person maliciously bent entered the schoolhouse Saturday night and stole all the pencils and tablets and disarranged things in general.

South Montrose - A. H. Conklin exhibited his Elwood flock of registered Shropshire sheep at our County fair last week, winning every first prize in class, together with all specials on sheep. This demonstrates that Mr. Conklin has the best flock of Shropshires in the county.

New Milford - A project is now on foot, which bids are to be realized. It is the connecting of the cities of Scranton and Binghamton by a model roadway and will traverse the county. Colonel Charles C. Pratt, New Milford, originated the idea and together with Civil Engineer A. B. Dunning, Scranton, Highway Commissioner Hunter, also of that city, and F. D. Lyons, Binghamton, examiner of highways, they went over the proposed route this week. It is thought the promoters of the project will be confronted by a pretty formidable task when it comes to getting anything like a level road between New Milford and Kingsley. Between Alford and New Milford are some of the steepest hills to be found in this section, but there are many automobile enthusiasts interested and consequently plenty of energy and sufficient funds to shove it through.

Friendsville - Register and Recorder B. B. Buffam's store and dwelling house were destroyed by fire Wednesday night. The fire was discovered at about 12 o'clock by Mrs. Harry McMahon, who lives nearby. The flames had gathered such headway by the time the residents were aroused that little could be done in the way of saving the store building or contents. Owing to the limited facilities at hand it was impossible to keep the flames from leaping the intervening distance to the house. Some of the furnishings were saved from the house and [fortunately] Mr. Buffam had not moved all his household goods to Friendsville from Montrose. How the fire originated remains unsolved. The building had been in use for a number of years and as is often the case with old buildings, the theory of rodents gnawing matches, etc., has been advanced.

Montrose - A. W. Lyons made a business trip to Binghamton yesterday for the purpose of purchasing a dynamo. It is Mr. Lyons' intention to place the dynamo in his store building, using a gasoline engine located in the basement to furnish power and thus generate the electricity for lighting his business place and residence.

East Lenox - The West Lenox correspondent must have been misinformed in regard to the scores between the Gunn Hill and West Lenox base ball team, or the players counted their scores before playing, as the game stood 6 to 10 in favor of the Gunn Hill boys, instead of 9 to 0 in favor of the West Lenox boys as printed in last week's items.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - Mrs. Wells is dressmaking at Mrs. John Murphy's. AND James Conboy visited on the creek over Sunday. AND Henry McInerny is wearing a broad smile, the cause is a young boy at their house.

Thompson - Thompson's undertaker, A. H. Crosier, who was so seriously sick a few weeks ago, and who went to Chenango county, N.Y. to recuperate, if so he did not die, then and there, is home again and his many friends will be glad to know that he seems to be well on the way to recovery.

Susquehanna - Last Saturday morning the Erie depot at Susquehanna was damaged by fire to the extent of about $1000. The fire was discovered by Erie employees and was extinguished with difficulty. Freight bills, records and other valuable papers were destroyed.

Little Meadows - The marriage of Miss Lucinda A. Bowen, of Little Meadows, to Charles K. DeWitt, of Binghamton, occurred at the home of A.D. Brown at Little Meadows on Sept. 13, 1905, Rev. F. A. King officiating.

Silver Lake - A sadness followed the Hill reunion. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Rogers, of Silver Lake, was the youngest attending and was taken ill on her return home and died Sept. 10, 1905, aged 6 months.

West Auburn - Elmer B. Lacey, manufacturer of the famous Lacey round silos, has already sold about 50 silos this season and is prepared to fill all orders on short notice, either silo complete or doors or hoops separately. Every hoop or silo sold by Mr. Lacey is thoroughly guaranteed and protected by letters of patent, which insures the buyer perfect protection.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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