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September 19 1890/1990

Jackson - A grand harvest dance will be given at the Geary House on Sept. 30. Good order will be maintained, and the best music that can be procured in this vicinity is secured Lewis & Albee's orchestra, assisted by M.S. Wilbur from Binghamton. An enjoyable time is expected and guaranteed. Bill, including supper, $1.50 per couple.

Susquehanna - While Hon. J.W. Cargill, Democratic candidate for Representative [who is a good man, basin' his politics] and W.W. Messenger, Prohibition candidate for Representative [who is also a mighty good man who has been led astray, politically] are each watching and waiting for the other to withdraw so the survivor can reap the benefit. Our candidates, Burrs and Titman are working together for their own and their country's good, and will both bob UP serenely the morning after election, wearing Republican crowns of glory.

Montrose - Work is progressing rapidly on the Lackawanna and Montrose Railroad. The work has progressed so far that it is now possible to drive from Heart Lake to Alford on the roadbed. The distance is five miles, and nearly all of it on the mountainside, and through the timber. Work is also progressing on the trestle to cross the pond at Afford.

Liberty Twp. - There are two Indian canoes on Tripp Lake, which are over 100 years old. They are well preserved old relics.

News Brief - Other Items of Interest: “You give me a chill" is the latest slang expression. AND It is said that Vaseline is an excellent remedy for hay fever. It should be applied externally and also inhaled. Several radical cures are reported by its use. AND An exchange remarks that, all things being equal, the happiest man is he who has a nice little farm in good condition, a comfortable residence, substantial barn and other necessary outbuildings, a pair of good horses, a good garden and orchard, a few intelligent neighbors, good roads leading to church and to market, and a good school convenient to his home. Our exchange stops here, but it seems to us that a good wife and a few dutiful and intelligent children should be counted among the blessings of “the happiest man.”

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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