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September 16 1892/1992

Herrick Centre - Mr. Joseph Tonkin has taken unto himself a wife and will soon settle down on his farm in North Herrick.

Union Dale - The prospects for finding coal here are growing brighter every day.

Lanesboro - E. Barnhart has brought suit against the Borough for damages. When Main St. was widened, the street commissioners cut into the yard and felled several maple shade trees belonging to the complaintant

Brookdale - The base ball nine of Lawsville came here to play with the boys of this place. The Brookdale Boys had only bought their ball a day or two previous and were not in practice, but when the game was ended the Lawsvilles were 6, the Brookdales 17. We were sorry to hear that two of the boys felt so badly over their defeat that they tried to commit suicide by driving off the bridge into the creek near Tinley’s store, Lawsville.

Lenoxville - Last Sunday night up at the Wilson schoolhouse, during the preaching, they had quite a pow-wow over tobacco. I should think that men would behave themselves and let the poor anti-tobacco men talk, especially in meeting, for they mostly all use it anyway; and it just those who don't use tobacco get saved there will be but very few to get there. Might better try to say something to save somebody than to be harping up this and that all the time.

Harford - When old veterans like Geo. L. Payne and G.R. Resseguie fall to talking of Gettysburg, we wish to be present every time. AND we were permitted to sec the interior of the new school building, Montrose. Well, it's a paradise. We climbed the stairs and took a last look at the room in the old school building where we had attended Institute for twenty years. We heard in memory, the voices of a Tilden, French, James, Gillet. Shall we sigh for the days that are gone?

Montrose - The old school building is being torn down as rapidly as possible, and probably by the end of next week it will be leveled to the ground, and the place where it now stands will know it no more forever. Cholera Remedy Here is the Sun's cholera remedy "Which has stood the test of forty year's experience." Take equal parts of tincture of cayenne, tincture of opium, tincture of rhubarb, essence of peppermint and spirits of camphor. Mix well. Dose fifteen to thirty drops in a wine glass of water, according to age, and violence of the attack. Repeat every fifteen or twenty minutes until relict is obtained

New Milford Twp.- Chamberlain Reunion: A small portion of the descendants of Wright Chamberlain, one of the early settlers of Gibson, spent August 26 at the home of S. Orville Chamberlain, of New Milford Twp. Although right Chamberlain had over twenty children, six of whom are now living, there were descendants of but three present James, Asher and Lodusky. Probably the oldest person there was Mr. John Johnson of Great Bend, whose wife was a daughter of James Chamberlain. The youngest was the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Weston, of Brooklyn.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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