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September 15 1893/1993

Springville - The corner stone laying of the Evangelical church, on Strickland Hill will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21, services commencing at 10:30 a m. Rev. A.H. Irvine, P.E., and other ministers will be on hand and officiate. All are cordially invited.

Lynn - Judging by the large amount of cider apples being carried to the steam cider mill daily, we would think that hard cider will be plenty, much to the disadvantage of the people.

Harford - Prof. Richardson, while here, kept his camera busy. He took several views of Tyler Lake, of Tingley Lake, Blanding Lake; several of the village and valley below; two of old Franklin Academy; three of Nine Partners' monument, and spring, two of the Congregationalist church; and one of the old Kingsbury home. Copies of these will be at Thatcher's store ere long, and can be purchased by those loving Harford scenery. This is one way of preserving history. The views will be finished by his son Frank, a photographer at Danville, Va.

Montrose - The Village Improvement Society paid for arranging the water fountain and the beautiful terrace in front of Monument Square. This indeed has added beauty to the place. Let it spread: there is room for more improvements yet, and everyone should help the good cause along.

Forest City - The sanitary condition of Forest City is in a most deplorable condition. Typhoid fever exists in some part of the town nearly the whole year around. The death rate among children is very large, there being about one funeral a day for the past three weeks. A board of health should be organized at once and some steps taken to cleanse the filthy condition of our streets and alleys.

Glenwood - The Glenwood boys were busily engaged in playing ball last Sunday. We should think the boys would have more respect for the Sabbath, the laws of the land, and also the property of a Christian widow lady.

Crystal Lake - The Jermyn brass band started for Crystal Lake in a bus drawn by four horses. In crossing a creek in the darkness, the driver got too close to the edge of the bridge, and over went the whole outfit. Several of the members were quite badly injured and nearly every instrument was ruined.

Bridgewater Twp. - Last week the pond on the farm of Horace Brewster was drawn clear and clean for the purpose of preparing it for a carp pond exclusively. In all it is estimated that about thirteen bushels of pickerel and catfish were secured, while millions of small fish, pickerel, catfish and sunfish went down the outlet, which flows into the Meshoppen creek. Probably in two or three years that creek will be stocked abundantly.

Susquehanna County - The Tunkhannock New Age says that Prof. Theo. Perkins, who is well known in Montrose, has gone to Philadelphia to take charge of the music at Temple College, of which Russell H. Conwell is President. AND Four great choirs sang in the principal choral competition of the International Eisteddfod at the World's Fair last week. The S5000 was won by the Choral Union, of Scranton, Pa., of which organization, W.V. Handrick, son of D.C. Handrick, is a member. AND Chief Engineer Robie, U.S.N, [formerly of Binghamton, NY] will be placed on the retired list, with the rank of Commodore, on the llth inst. He left Binghamton in 1852 and was with Perry during the expedition to Japan, building the first railroad and running the first locomotive in that country. AND Three sophomores of Lafayette College were suspended indefinitely for hazing. It is said others will follow. The college term opened Thursday but a number of old students and some freshmen came last week. The "sophs" hazed the freshmen by trying to smoke them out. The faculty is determined to break up hazing and is acting vigorously in the matter.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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