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September 13 1897/1997

Hopbottom - An aged lady, over 80 years old, by the name of Mrs. Clark, walked the distance of five miles, on the 5th inst., from Brooklyn to her home in East Lenox; and stopping in neighbor Robinson's, nearly home, they were surprised when she told them how far she had walked; and felt none the worse for it.

North Jackson - Isaac Daniels, of Sanborn, Iowa, visited his brother, A.E. Daniels last week. The brothers had not met since 1864, a period of 33 years. The visitor was the youngest of six brothers who wore the blue, enlisting at the age of 15 years. Singular to relate all lived to see the "conflict o'er" and return to the loved ones at home.

South Gibson - Frank Belcher, late of South Gibson, has arrived home from Klondike, it is alleged, with $100,000. [Another article in the same newspaper] "Last week, a news item in the New York World, told of the death at Dawson City, of a young man named Belcher. It is feared by his friends that the deceased was Frank Belcher, whose parents reside at South Gibson, this county, and who went to Alaska three years ago, located a rich claim, and is believed to have made about $100,000. Further particulars will be anxiously awaited. Some $25,000 in gold dust was found under the dead man's bed, and $20,000 was due on a claim which he had recently sold."

Harford - There was a very pleasant gathering at the home of Mason Tingley, Aug. 28th, in honor of his 40th birthday. About 40 ate dinner in the log cabin in the style of "ye olden tyme" and then repaired to the house and had speaking and singing of modern type.

Tunkhannock - Robert Lane, the boy who was lost in the woods, Aug. 27, was found Sept 2, nearly three miles from where he entered the woods, having been lost six days. He was still looking for the cows and was worn out and badly scratched up.

Birchardville - J.M. Hewett has invested $57 in a very fine carriage for the pleasure of himself and family, and neighbors. Del Stark, of Rush, takes silver. AND Philip Swackhammer met with a loss a few nights ago. Some persons drained his carp pond, caught all the large ones, and let the small ones out into the creek. The persons are known by Mr. Swackhammer and it will be the best and cheapest way for them to settle with him at once.

Forest City - George Arthur, a fireman for the D & H company, had a thrilling experience last week, which he does not long to have repeated. After attending to his -fires and noting that everything inside the building was all right, he stepped outside to enjoy the balmy breezes of the wood. A sudden rustling of the bushes attracted the young man's attention, when a large catamount sprang out and alighted upon his shoulders, preparatory to having a good square meal. A number of berry pickers, hearing the alarm, ran to his assistance and with hard fighting finally killed the beast. Its weight was 120 pounds. Mr. A. intends taking the skin to a taxidermist and have it stuffed.

Lenox - Mrs. E.G. Palmer, missing her little boy, Ward, one day last week, instituted a search and found the youngster inside the well curb, perched on the stones.

Montrose - W.H. Turrell, the news man, now handles the New York and Philadelphia Sunday papers, receiving them via the milk train, Sundays, and his store is open at 2 o'clock sundays for a short time, for the accommodation of people wishing the papers.

Susquehanna - Quarrymen near the Cascade, on Saturday, while blasting rocks, unearthed a den of rattlesnakes, and succeeded in killing seven of the reptiles. AND In Oakland on Saturday, the Oakland club defeated the Lanesboro club 35 to 1. The Lanesboros are still wondering how they got that one run.

Middletown - One Aug. 29th a very pleasant time was spent by a large gathering of young folks who assembled at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Keren Farrel's and surprised the inmates of the house by having a dance. Music was first-class, it being furnished by Phelan Bros.

Uniondale - Frank Westgate was hustling the ice last week, shipping 6 cars to Carbondale.

Fairdale - Someone going from Montrose to Fairdale on Monday evening, with a load of butter tubs, dropped quite a number at different places on the way. What was the trouble?

Lanesboro - Notes from the Thayer Reunion on Aug. 12th at Riverside Park. After a picnic lunch, first in order was the election of President; Dr. S.J. Engle was nominated and he being absent at the time Mrs. Engle declined for him, but after a short consultation it was decided not to leave so serious a case in the hands of a physician's wife, so the Dr. was elected unanimously. After vice-president Chas. Burrhus was nominated and elected, Dr. L.S. Potter was elected Secretary. Pres. elect Engle was elected Treasurer. Secretary and Treasurer's report was then called for, but as usual, the minutes were forgotten, so report was verbal. And thus the Secretary left it. Before completing the report he was ushered into eternity. How true, "we know not what a day may bring forth." The boat ride up the river which so many of us had looked forward to could not materialize on account of one of the oldest, if not the oldest member of the family. If all is well, the next meeting will be held at the residence of Mr and Mrs. Chas. Burrhus in Susquehanna. [Obviously, this was a very "colorful" reunion].

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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