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September 12 1919/2019

News Briefs: Ever since the mail routes from Germany have been opened, Gov. Sproul has been receiving letters from Germans stating they are desirous of coming to America and asking if the laws here prohibit their settling in Pennsylvania. The Gov. has been referring the mail to the state department at Washington. ALSO Many of the horses used by the American army in France are now used in commercial pursuits in Germany. At Wingore, Germany, thousands of horses were auctioned, the French having first call, the Poles second and the Germans third. ALSO Now that the cold weather is approaching, it would be well for those supplied with mail through rural carriers to place a small tin cup or can in their mail boxes to hold pennies for stamps. A government ruling permits rural carriers to refuse to take payment for stamps unless the coins are in a small receptacle convenient for their handling in cold weather. It is a great inconvenience for the mail man to withdraw his gloves and extract pennies from the corners of a mail box. If each rural delivery patron thus aids the carrier, life will run along more smoothly for all.

Harford – Harry Golden’s “store on wheels” has been moving about in this section for the past few days. He will return to Binghamton and come back after the Jewish holidays. He carries a splendid assortment of dry goods and clothing and his prices are reasonable. Has many satisfied customers in this section and we always are glad to see him.

Springville – Mr. Vaughn, of Vosburg, Pa., has purchased the furniture and undertaking business of Stephen Tuttle and has taken possession and is in search of a residence for his family. ALSO Charlie Opman, a long resident, died Sept. 15, 1919, while leaning over to tie his shoe strings. He, with his son Glenn, occupied the rooms over the Lehigh Valley station.

Susquehanna – Physical Director Armstrong has secured 25 boys from the schools and formed a football team. They met for practice at Elmhurst Park on Friday afternoon. The equipment for the team has been ordered.

Heart Lake – Blanche A. Smith was united in marriage to Arlo Davenport, of Dalton, Pa, on Sept 10th, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Smith. The bride’s gown was of white satin and chiffon, trimmed with pearls. Her travelling dress was brown broadcloth. The groom wore a black sack suit. The home was tastefully trimmed with ferns and cut flowers, the chief colors being pink and white, and the marriage vows were plighted under a canopy of ferns and asters. The couple left for New Milford where they boarded the train for Niagara Falls.

Gibson – Fred Williams, who is working at the Gelatt creamery, took unto himself a wife on Monday. [According to the 1920 census, she was Pearl U. Daniels.]

Kingsley – Work has now been commenced on the Lackawanna Trail between here and Foster [Hop Bottom], hence it is closed to traffic until the work is completed.

Dimock – The new feed store of W. J. Cronk, near the depot, is now being rapidly pushed to completion and will soon be ready for occupancy. A clerk will be kept there steady to wait on the customers. ALSO C. W. Barnes has purchased a Ford touring car. ALSO James Greenwood has purchased the large Oliver farm, on the Meshoppen Creek, known as the Tiffany farm in early days.

Lakeside – B.E. Tanner has purchased the grocery stock of E. E. Mosher and will conduct an up-to-date grocery store in the place.

Elk Lake – Friends and relatives of Miss Helen Oliver and Tracy Green, of Philadelphia, are receiving announcement cards of their marriage, which took place in Philadelphia, Aug. 26, 1919. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Sarah Oliver, formerly of Dimock and the groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Green, of this place.

Shannon Hill, Auburn Twp. – The school in this place has been closed this year and Elmer Shannon has the job of drawing the pupils in the kid wagon to Auburn Center. There are 17.

Montrose – An automobile party drove on the links of the Golf Club, Sunday, and were arrested and fined $20. The links are posted as private property, which should be sufficient, but some people take no notice of such signs. ALSO A street dance on the pavement has never been seen in Montrose. It will prove a novel sight. The famous Endicott-Johnson Band will furnish music, making a pleasing concert. During the intermissions between dances it is hoped to have the Symphony Male Chorus render vocal selections. Benefit the American Legion.

Franklin Twp. – The marriage of Miss Ruth Otis and Ezra Wheaton will take place at Bethlehem, PA, tomorrow. Mr. Wheaton is a son of Mrs. James C. Wheaton, of Salt springs, and he is a graduate of the Montrose High School and Lehigh University. For some years he has been an engineer in the employ of the Bethlehem Steel Co. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Wheaton, of Montrose and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reynolds, of Clark’s Summit, will attend the wedding.

Herrick Center – School is again progressing nicely in charge of the following teachers: Principal, Miss Mahalath Gent, of Welsh Hill; Grammar room, Miss Helen Howe; Primary, Miss Gertrude Skellett, of Starrucca.

Forest City – William Miskel, of Scranton, called on old time friends here Sunday. He has just returned from service and wanted to see how the old town looked. It will be remembered that two of his brothers, James and Joseph, made the supreme sacrifice.

Tirzah – F. E. Owens and family had a narrow escape last week. While on their way to Forest City they had reached the bridge near D. Q. Price’s when the rods that served as fender gave way and threw their large touring car off into the water. Fortunately all five occupants of the car escaped injury. The car was slightly damaged.

Uniondale – Candidates are on the hop step. One would imagine by the number of candidates who visited this community that we held the balance of power.

Clifford – Miss Flossie Allen, the Clifford “Hello Girl,” will commence teaching school this week. Miss Ruth Horton will act as operator for a time.

Pleasant Valley, Auburn Twp. – The schools opened in Auburn Monday. So far there is no hired wagon to haul our school children to the Auburn High School. We wonder why.

New Milford – Perhaps the county has no more popular and successful salesman than Ben C. Norris, of New Milford, the “Delco light man” in the eastern part of the county. He will be at the Harford Fair next week where the “Delco” plant may be seen.

Hop Bottom - Quite an uncommon sight now to see airplanes going over town.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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