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September 08 1905/2005

West Bridgewater - Tuesday evening was the occasion of a joyous gathering at a lawn fete held at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Stephens, of Orchard Farm. The premises were gaily decorated with Japanese lanterns which gave an effect and beauty to the surroundings lessened only by the gaiety which abounded and the pleasures brought forth. To the merry strains of the music the hearts of the throng were made glad and night was turned into day by the dancing element. Special features of the occasion was the singing of many classical selections which were beautifully rendered by Mrs. John Reinl of New York City, bringing forth many rounds of applause. These were followed by piano recitals by Miss Sussie Stephens, vocal selections of Sanford E. Smith, a special butterfly dance by Mrs. Oswald Reinl, which was noted for its grace and beauty. Recitations filled with pathos and humor, songs of mirth and laughter by the entire company, and imitations of many noted artists of the day brought forth tumultuous applause. George Sprout must not be forgotten in the rendition of his character songs together with the parodies sung by Charles Schwoerer.

East Middletown - A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Edwards, Aug. 31, when their only daughter, Gertrude M., was married to William E. Chaffee, of LeRaysville. The bride dressed in a gown of Persian lawn, carrying a bouquet of sweet peas and Maiden Hair fern, entered promptly at noon on the arm of the groom. They were married by the Rev. W. C. Tilden, under a bower of evergreen entwined with white flowers and embanked by potted plants.

Susquehanna - Telford's undertaking and furniture establishment has secured the services of a practical and experienced undertaker, Mr. F. E. Bleckins, and is prepared to attend to all calls in the business, in a manner that leaves no room for criticism.

Dimock - George Baker, the well-known aeronaut of this place, while making an ascent at South Norwalk, Conn., recently came near losing his life. When at an altitude that made him appear but a speck, the cordage of his parachute got entangled with the mechanism of the balloon and he was unable to drop away from the huge floating sphere. The balloon, parachute and aeronaut dropped with increasing momentum into Long Island Sound and wind and tide carried him away with a speed faster than a steam launch, a number of which started in pursuit. After being dragged over a mile, he was rescued in a nearly lifeless condition. "I'm going to continue my ascents. I guess I came as near losing my life as I ever will," said Baker when he had recovered.

Silver Lake - During the thunderstorm Sunday night lightning struck a cow barn belonging to J. Gubbins, and that with adjoining sheds and season's crop of hay, was consumed. Mr. Gubbins says, that, had it not been for the help of two young men who saw the fire when it first started and ran to assist, his house too would have been destroyed. As it is the loss is a heavy one to Mr. Gubbins and it is hoped that friends will help in his time of need.

Heart Lake - Fay Curtis left this week for DeMoines, Ia., where he has accepted a position with the National Biscuit Co. Mr. Curtis is one of our best young men in this sector and the best wishes of many friends go with him to Western lands.

Thompson - The Thompson school began Tuesday of this week with Mary A. Donovan, of Susquehanna, as principal and Inez Fike, of Dundaff, as primary teacher.

Auburn Four Corners - Among those from Auburn Corners attending school at Montrose are Miss Anna Carney, Miss Pearl Pepper, Miss Lora Bushnell and Ada Benett.

South Gibson - School began Monday with Prof. Paul Smith, principal and Miss Hattie Baldwin, primary.

Flynn - Sarah Riley is teaching at the Triangle school this season. AND Our base ball team had better get busy or it will be too late for them to do much.

Glenwood - Hon. Galusha A. Grow celebrated his 82nd birthday Thursday.

Montrose - Montrose is unfortunate in that her electric light service is erratic and inconsistent, full of idiosyncrasies and this has been called particularly to the attention of the public in added emphasis recently upon the occasion of two entertainments, one in the Presbyterian church, also the Lyman Howe entertainment, upon both of which occasions the lights went out. AND The property and franchises of the Montrose Railroad Co., were sold at sheriff sale at Philadelphia Saturday last, on execution issued by the creditors of the road. The property was bought by John G. Johnson, attorney.

Gibson - B. H. Tiffany is erecting one of the finest barns in the county. It will be a large imposing structure with concrete floor carriage room, stables, &c.

Harford - We regret to learn that Rev. S. B. York lost a valuable cow last week.

Springville - Compton, the photographer, is exhibiting fine pictures of the ball team and post cards of Springville and vicinity.

Brooklyn - High School Notes: Genevieve Mackey, of Lathrop is boarding at S. H. Stanton's and attending BHS./ The noon hour is pleasantly employed by our boys in playing ball./ Carl Aldrich and sister, Lola, of Bridgewater, are attending BHS./ Wesley Sweet, Lowell Smith and Glenn Saunders of Lathrop, are attending BHS.

Hop Bottom - Mrs. Bert Bertholf, of Lathrop, will occupy their house in town this winter in order that their children may continue their studies here.

News Brief: The Lehigh Valley has now joined the list of railroads that ban cigarette smokers from employment as trainmen. The trainmasters have received orders to turn down all applicants for positions on trains, that are versed in the knack of rolling cigarettes, or whose finger nails show the yellow hue that is the badge of the cigarette smoker. No matter what other qualifications a young man may possess, the fact that he smokes cigarettes settles it.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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