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October 9 1891/1991

Brookdale - Last Thursday evening James Hinchman, of this place, drove to Hallstead on business and on returning he was detained at the Pine Grove crossing by three long freight trains which were passing at that time. When he thought the last one was gone he drove the horse upon the track, where it was struck by the engine of a train going west. The horse was instantly killed, the buggy was wrecked, and Mr. Hinchman was thrown several feet away, striking the rail. He was terribly shaken up but was able to walk home, which is two miles. A very fortunate escape for Mr. H. The horse belonged to Mr. Gunsalus.

Lathrop - We are glad to learn that George Nobles has recovered from his poisoning. This is his second escape from a sudden death. While cleaning a well last spring the bucket, which was suspended from above, and filled to the brim, with a mixture of stone and dirt, dropped and had it not been for a hook which it caught on during its trip downward it is probable George might have met with fatal injuries. AND On Monday last Humphrey Lord set fire to a brush heap to get rid of it. As there was a strong wind, the sparks flew about quite freely, and fell upon a neighboring haystack burning it to the ground. We understood there would be measures taken to recover damages. Mr. Lord is able, and we think, willing to pay all damages without unnecessary trouble.

West Auburn - Uncle John Benscoter celebrated his 90th birthday by taking his wife to Meshoppen to have their photographs taken.

Springville- Born to Mr. & Mrs. Anson Thomas a son; and to Mr. & Mrs. S.O. Culver, a daughter.

Clifford - John Tinker, Sr., one of the oldest settlers in this country, died at his home in Clifford Township at the advanced age of 93 yrs. He passed away in the house in which he has lived for half a century.

Brandt - Ed Smith is confined in the Susquehanna Country Jail at Montrose on a charge of bigamy, preferred by wife No. 1 who resides at Brandt. Smith left the latter place some months ago and went to Maplewood, Pa., to obtain work. He found it and also a second wife, with whom he has been living of late. He will be tried for bigamy. Smith is only twenty years old.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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