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October 7 1892/1992

Susquehanna - The Alfred Keley Co. appeared in Hogan Opera House Tuesday night. The comedy drama was entitled "Widow Murphy's Goat." It was side splitting. The soberest of all sober were even compelled to join with the hearty peals of laughter. The comic songs, charming Irish reels, and other pleasing dances, were willingly applauded by the appreciative audience. With good actors, elegant scenery, and many pleasing features, [omitting vulgarity which proves the curse and downfall of many theatrical troupes], it proved to be a clean and refined comic play.

Birchardville - A hard frost on the morning of October 2nd. October 4th and 5th strong winds, with a cold drizzling rain, a foretaste of what is to come.

Clifford - We are requested to say that Landlord Smith does not sell whiskey to boys as inferred in last week's items from this place, signed "Once Again." His aim is to be a law-abiding citizen. Your regular correspondent has been blamed for the item. He is not the author of it at all. Item from October 1, by "Once Again", if some of our Clifford boys would talk a little lower and be a little more patient and a great deal more polite in the evening on the arrival of the mail, it would be more to their credit. If it was not for the whiskey trade Clifford would be a very nice, quiet village.

Montrose - Complaint has been made to the Borough council about the lassoing nuisance. Boys with ropes go around the streets, and at school, terrorizing other children by catching or endeavoring to catch them with a noose, on the end of a rope, a la Wild Bill; a craze originating since the Wild West show performed here at the Fair. Boys should now take notice that the amusement is a dangerous one and should be given up. It will be too late after harm is done and the saying that harm was not intended will not atone for the act.

Lenox Twp. - Rynearson Gathering: On September 7th, 1892, according to plans made, the grandchildren of Isaac Rynearson, dec'd, gathered at the burying grounds on the farm where grandfather Rynearson first settled in Lenox Twp., now owned by Mrs. Cory, to repair said burying grounds. On arriving there, Charles Manzer, with the Wescott boys and assisted by Judd Resseguie, took charge of repairing the wall, while the rest set about cutting briars and straightening up tombstones and other necessary repairs, led by T.D. Payne, until about one o'clock, when the sound of the ladies' voices called a halt and on investigation it was found that about ten rods away there was a few apple trees yet standing in the old orchard, and under them such a sight When a laboring man is hungry, one invitation is enough, so thirty-two responded to the call. All had plenty and enough left for more, which shows that the ladies. God bless them, did their part and did it well. On looking on the moment it was ascertained that it would be 100 years in July '93, since grandfather Rynearson settled on the old farm; so it was proposed that all, or as many of the descendants of Isaac Rynearson as can, should meet on the old homestead to hold a family gathering and picnic in July '93. A committee was appointed to make arrangements and set a day. Come out, cousins, when the day comes, and have a good time. [Isaac Rynearson was a Revolutionary War veteran].

News Briefs- Lamp globes acquire a great brilliancy if polished with dry salt, and it is said that a teaspoonful in each lamp not only saves oil, but makes the kerosene give a clearer and better light.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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