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October 5 1894/1994

Montrose - The gigantic pumpkin shown at the fair on Wednesday by H.N. Catlin, is now on exhibition in the store window of S.J. Sparkes & Co. It weighs 107-1/2 pounds. AND Harry E. Taylor has opened a repair shop under Odd Fellows Hall, opposite the Montrose House, where he will repair bicycles, lawn mowers, sewing machines, or any other articles that need repairing.

Wyalusing - Prof. J.G. Keeler, of LeRaysville, and his brother. Day Keeler, of Wyalusing, have purchased the Wyalusing Rocket.

Susquehanna - The Columbian Club, of Susquehanna, have purchased the tract known as Hupman’s Grove, about six miles up the river, and will, next season, erect a club house thereon. When the Club makes the contemplated improvements and gets its house built, the spot will be the most charming resort in that section.

Great Bend - The Great Bend Plaindealer arises to remark; It may be an easy matter to find all the water required for Susquehanna, but can the town be sewered? Are you quite certain Mayor Pride, that there is slant enough to the town?

Forest City- Our old, yet not venerable friend, H.A. Purple, of Forest City, jubilates because of the arrival of a son and heir who is said to be the first son of a first son for nine generations, and the sixth Edward in the family. It also has the distinction of being the first Purple children in Forest City. Mother and child are doing well, and hopes are entertained for the ultimate recovery of the delighted father.

Wilkes-Barre - Under promise of marriage, John Robbins made many presents to Fanny Stephen, of Wilkes-Barre. At the eleventh hour, Miss Stephanie backed out, and gave her love to another. Robbins then had her arrested for accepting goods under false pretenses. Squire Ford bound the woman over in the sum of $300 for a trial.

Hallstead - General Manager W.F. Hallstead was in Hallstead last Monday, and we are creditably informed located the new site for the new D.L.& W. passenger depot, and that surveyors staked out the grounds. Doubtless ere many months snail have passed a fine new passenger depot will be built. It wilt be located near the point where the main river road crosses he track, about opposite the residence of J.H. Van Loan, and some 300 yards west of the old station. When built the station now in use will only be used as a freight depot and office.

Lenoxville- Geo. Conrad’s sheep were visited by dogs recently. The result was one killed, one missing and six wounded.

Springville - A dog owned by Luke Scott was caught in the act of killing sheep and paid the usual penalty.

North Jackson - A band of Gypsies passed over the Lenox and Harmony road, on Sunday, on their way south.

News Briefs: “Death To Lice," a disinfectant insect powder will surely rid your fowls of all vermin, will destroy ticks on sheep, lice on horses, cattle, houseplants. Furs and carpets are never moth eaten where this powder has been applied. For sale by R.F. Alden,

Montrose - Those who have tried the experiment say that a large sponge hung in the room, if it can be behind a convenient screen, and kept constantly wet, will greatly assist in keeping the room cool; or a cloth hung in the window over the blind will cool the room as if a shower had fallen.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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