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October 31 1913/2013

Clifford - Some of our good patrons of our school being convinced, apparently, that our school directors are not doing their duty, have hauled them to court this week to show cause why they should not be removed from office. ALSO: Ralph Bennett, Miss Janet Tuthill and Glen Wells were delightfully entertained at the home of Miss Ellen Decker, South Gibson, Sunday. Some say Glen did not come home with the rest.

Forest City - The stone crusher is now doing good service on South Main street. That section of our main thoroughfare has been for sometime in a wretched condition, and the borough authorities are to be commended in giving it attention. ALSO: Rosario Franceski and Miss Pauline Maurich were married on Monday morning at 9 a.m. by Rev. Joseph Tomsic in St. Joseph’s church. They will reside with the bride’s mother on Susquehanna street.

East Ararat - At the dedication of the M. E. church, some forty years ago, a subscription was pledged which for some reason remained unpaid, the subscriber long since having died. A few days ago an official of the church received a cashier’s check, not from the grave, but from a near relative of the deceased, requesting that it be accepted as payment of the obligation to be used for the benefit of the church.

Thompson - Upon the return of Mr. and Mrs. Milton D. Kingsley from their wedding tour, Mrs. Kingsley found awaiting her, in addition to her wedding gifts before mentioned, two elegant clocks, one a gift from Theo Borgstrom, of Susquehanna, 13 pieces of choice linen, consisting of a lunch cloth and napkins, a gift from the several teachers where she is teaching and a beautiful picture from her class, tokens of the love and esteem in which she is held. Mrs. Kingsley is a very gifted and accomplished lady and will be an ornament in any circle in which she moves.

Jessup - Undertaker F. A. Bedell was butchering for F. E. Bertholf and Mr. Fargo the first of the week. By the way Francis knows how to handle the knife.

South Montrose - Jerome Shannon, who had the misfortune to shoot his foot, is doing nicely.

Fowler Hill, Auburn Twp. - Mrs. N. B. C. Bennett passed over the hill Friday after her daughter, Hazel, who is teaching at the new school house at Pine Glen.

Springville - C. H. Young, the hustling Maxwell agent, informs us that he has just received a car load of Maxwell 25’s. Mr. Young took the editor out for a little spin and the new “25” did all that any well behaved car could possibly do. It takes to the road as naturally as a duck takes to water, and takes the steep hills with speed, quietly and with no effort.

Montrose - Under the direction of Prof. Young and Neil Chesley the M. H S. football squad has developed rapidly. Much interest is being shown for the game on Saturday, Nov. 1st, with Binghamton, and a good game is expected. Come and encourage the boys. Tickets may be purchased from many of the High School boys at 15 and 25 cents.

South Gibson - On Friday, October 24, occurred a happy event at the home of Thomas Anderson, the event being Mr. Anderson’s eightieth birthday. The day was happily spent by a party consisting of the Grand Army men and their wives.

Howard Hill, Liberty Twp. - Elmer Bailey, who has been in poor health for the past year and a half, was pleasantly surprised, Tuesday, when a number of his neighbors and friends gathered at his home and cut him a nice pile of wood for winter.

Welch Hill, Clifford Twp. - Surveyor Wells surveyed several roads here making measurements in regard to distances that the Welch Hill school children had to travel in going to and from school.

New Milford - Tracy Hayden, 91 years old, was found dead in his bed Oct. 23, at the home of his son, Chas, in Binghamton. Coroner Wilson gave old age as the cause of death. The surviving sons, besides Charles F. are, James S. of New Milford and Maurice B. of Asbury Park, NJ. The deceased was a former resident of New Milford and formerly the county treasurer. The funeral was held at the Episcopal Church here.

Hallstead - Charles Tierney, who was connected with the Lackawanna railroad company as a brakeman and conductor for a period of 49 years and who was a brakeman on the train formerly run by W. F. Hallstead, who later rose to the position of general manager of the road, died at his home on Oct. 23. He was the oldest conductor in point of service on the road. Mr. Tierney was a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Order of Railway Conductors, and the D. L. & W. Railroad Mutual Association. The deceased was a consistent Catholic and was born in Ireland in 1845. He is survived by his wife, six daughters, two sons, two sisters and three stepdaughters.

Lawton/Montrose - D. J. Donovan, proprietor of Hotel Haire, Lawton, has leased the Tarbell House and will take possession Feb. 1, when Landlord B. C. Horton’s lease expires. Mr. Donovan has had considerable experience as a hotel man in the city and country and will doubtless be in a position to serve well the public.

Hopbottom - A very sad accident occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Pratt, who live about two miles from Hopbottom, on Wednesday of last week, when their four-year old daughter, Laura, was fatally burned by a lamp which exploded in the room where she lay asleep. Dr. Taylor was summoned but inhaling the fumes had paralyzed the nerves and she died the next morning.

News Briefs - Pennsylvania Day, the biggest day of the year at Pennsylvania State College, is to take place Friday, Nov. 7. Mizra Ali Kuli Kahn, Persian Minister to the United States, will give an address and one of the special attractions on the program will be a football game between State College and Notre Dame. ALSO: To avoid accidents from backfiring, when cranking [an automobile], place the thumb against the index finger and take the handle between the four fingers and the palm of the hand. The hand thus opens readily should a back kick occur. Always crank up, never down.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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