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October 30 1896/1996

Jackson - County Surveyor, L.D. Benson, was in town on Tuesday. Mr. Benson has been doing some figuring and he has arrived at the conclusion that McKinley will carry Jackson. So goes the State of Jackson so goes the Union.

Oakland - The Oakland Water Works are nearly completed, and water has been let to the mains. Fifty patrons have already been secured, at $9 per year.

Brooklyn - Arthur Gere has recently added a jelly apparatus to his cider mill.

Friendsville - Coadjutor Bishop Michael J. Hoban, of Ashley, made his first visit to the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Francis Xavier in this place, Monday of last week. He administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to over 200 children. The ceremony was most beautiful and impressive.

Montrose - Have all your movable property fastened with padlock and chain, were the shades of evening settle down on our peaceful village tomorrow, else before Sunday morning it may vanish from sight under the magic influence of the "spirits" that are known to traverse the earth on All Saints' eve, or Halloween.

Rushboro - John Kirkhuff, a well known farmer residing near Rushboro, left home with team and lumber wagon, about 4 o'clock, to drive to Meshoppen for a load of feed. His route lay past the Jersey Hill creamery, to which he made daily trips, and about daylight Messrs John LaRue and J.C. Cooper, who were at work in the creamery, saw Kirkhuff’s team and wagon, but with no driver, make their customary route to the creamery and start back up the road toward home. Investigating they found Kirkhuff dead about 20 rods from the creamery, the wagon seat lying near him. Undoubtedly the unfortunate man was driving contentedly along at a fair rate of speed and in the darkness the team came in contact with a large stone, throwing him high in the air and striking heavily on his head on the ground, his neck was broken. The remains were given proper care and later conveyed to the saddened home, which was but a little over a mile distant. The family, thus suddenly and shockingly bereaved, have the sympathy of the community in their affliction.

Lanesboro - Mr. J.O. Taylor has made over 2000 gallons of cider with his cider mill this fall.

Ararat - Miss Mary Walker, of Susquehanna, is teaching the Avery district school.

Harford - G.L. Payne was up in an apple tree picking apples. He was standing on a ladder and a cow came along and rubbed against it causing him to fall, injuring his wrist badly.

Lenox - A.R Kenney, of East Mountain, aged 90 years and 6 months, husked 12 bushels of corn in one day.

Hallstead - Daughters of Pocahontas, No.80, Minnetonka Council, gave an elaborate public reception at the ceremony of raising of their Chiefs, recently. That their work is reasonably attractive and interesting is but telling part of the facts the rest of the truth is that the work of the ladies excels that of the men in many of the fraternal organizations round about and exhibit an interest that it would be profitable for any lodge to follow.

Auburn Centre- Two of our young men, "Boce" Bennett and Ray Woodruff have given up civilized life and have built a house in the wild parts of G. Howard's woods where they will practice bachelor'= life this winter. We expect to see them come out next spring, fresh and fine, and we hope they will be ready for a matrimonial life, after living on possums, grouse, squirrels and ground nuts for six month".

Jessup - There was a party at C.S. Shelp's Oct. 15th. An enjoyable time was spent; among those present were Misses Florence Reynolds and Alice Jenner of Montrose. Music was furnished by Messrs. Fargo and Young.

Union Dale - Agnes and Eugenia Tinker attended teachers institute at Montrose.

New Milford - The New Milford Baptist Church celebrated its tenth anniversary by roll call and special services on Wednesday.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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