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October 28 1892/1992

Clifford - Thursday, the 20th, a committee from Post 486, G.A.R., visited the Royal School and presented a Hag and assisted in exercises appropriate for Columbus Day. Miss Barber, the teacher, showed a marked degree of patience in drilling her class to the state of perfection with which they went through the exercises. The speaking was well rendered by the scholars, Master Harry Barney was appointed color bearer for the school.

Little Meadows - Father Colligan has been visiting his brother in Philadelphia, who is sick with blood poisoning. AND The funeral services of Mrs. Creigh was held in the Catholic Church, Oct 10; burial in the Friendsville cemetery. Father Colligan was summoned from Philadelphia by telephone.

Elk Lake - H. Lowe demolished a wheel of his buggy one night recently by colliding with another wagon in the dark. AND Mrs. Wannick has improved the appearance of her house by the use of Ingersoll's Rubber Paint, which by practical painters and others is pronounced a good job.

Niven - Persons having teeth to extract should call on Dr. B. Joachim at Montrose, as he takes them out without pain, and no humbug about it.

Brooklyn - Bidders for carrying the mails for the next four years are getting their papers ready.

Oakland - Anticipating free postal delivery some time in the near future, Oakland Borough will number her houses.

Lenox - Will Wescott, a former Glenwood boy, but who resided at Forest City, was killed in the mines at that place last week. The funeral was held at Tower Church on Saturday; the remains buried in the cemetery there. Deceased was about 22 years of age.

Gunn Hill - Jeane Snyder and E.M. Casterline launched their bark on the sea of Matrimony. May winds never blow nor storm never come and may they safely land in the harbor of contentment.

Montrose - Two extra passenger cars were necessary to transport the teachers of the county to and from the county institute.

Birchardville - Prof. A.L. Thayer, from Nicholson, intends to give a free concert at the Grange Hall, at this place, Monday evening, Oct 31st by A.L. Thayer Convention Company, for the purpose of organizing a musical convention. Report says he is a good singer.

Jackson - The Roberts' boys, of Central Hotel, have contracted for one of Spencer's heaters, of Thompson. Those heaters lead the world.

News Briefs - "It is permissible to wear the same pair of trousers all day" says a fashion paper. What a relief to the man who has only one. A very recent sufferer from the attack of the bicycling microbe or the wheeling germ says he expects to be more stuck on it when he is better able to stick on. Remember that if you wish to vote the straight Republican ticket, you have only to put a cross after the word "Republican whenever it occurs on the new ballot. But if you wish to vote, a mixed [or scratched] ticket, you are to put a cross after every man name for whom you wish to vote. The thing, is simple enough, if once understood.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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