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October 27 1893/1993

Oakley - Mr. Albert E. Steams and Miss Jessie E. Wilmarth were united in marriage at the residence of the bride s father, Frank Wilmarth, Oakley, Oct. 12, Rev. L.D. Turner of Binghamton, officiating. Twenty-one persons were present, including three cousins, Mrs. Pierce, of Scranton; Miss May Everett, of New Milford; Miss Winnie Tingley, of Hallstead. After the wedding feast the couple took the train at Kingsley for Chicago and the World's Fair. The presents were valuable, appropriate and beautiful. They, in company with other Harford friends were on the train wrecked near Jackson, Michigan. The parents received a card next day announcing their safety, and speaking of the awful experiences.

Harford - The old photo gallery has at last disappeared and our friend, C.H. Miller has beautified the locality by burning the rubbish and the weeds. AND The old water trough on the Elias N. Carpenter estate has disappeared. It has stood there beyond the memory of most of us. Mr. Wilmarth with commendable enterprise has taken the water of the spring to his house and thence to the opposite side of the road, for the benefit of the public. AND Mrs. Susan Titus was buried in Maple Wood cemetery last Sabbath. Funeral services at the Oakley school house. Mrs. T. was the widow of Crawford Titus, who lost his life by a premature discharge of the Harford cannon at Montrose, Oct. 16, 1858, at a Democratic political jollification.

Hop Bottom - Frank Luce, a Hop Bottom young man, died from the result of cigarette smoking, it is said.

Brackney - Somewhere in the neighborhood of Brackney, it seems a prize-fight took place in Susquehanna county, Monday night. According to the Binghamton Herald, Binghamton sports got up a fight between Jerry San ford, an amateur boxer of that city, and George Siddons, the lightweight pugilist of New Orleans, and came over into Pennsylvania, and to a barn somewhere in the neighborhood of Brackney. Siddons won. Admission tickets were $5. It is against the law in New York State, for persons to leave that state to attend a prizefight, and we understand the officers are after a lot of the offenders. Also, we understand some officials in Susquehanna County have been looking into the matter. If not, it is time they set about it. It is a blot upon the fair name of Susquehanna county and her orderly citizens, that a gang of Binghamton sports and toughs should come within her borders expecting to perpetrate with safety crimes they did not dare attempt in their own state. "Let no guilty man escape."

Foster - A "Pumpkin Pie Social" is to be held by the Literary Society on the night of All-Halloween."

Auburn - Arthur Titman is now owner of a very fancy dog.

Susquehanna County - Down in Northampton County the schoolteachers were given their choice of a Teacher's Institute or a trip to the World's Fair. There will be no Institute. AND Don't let your Dahlia roots, Maderia vines, and Gladiolas freeze, but dig them up and pack in dry sand in a frost proof cellar. AND The following marriage licenses have been issued since Oct. 16: W.H. Lester, Forest Lake to Harriet Otis, Jessup: M.D. Fallon to Ellen Barrett, both of Forest City; Lewis S. Gates, Lanesboro, to Josie Williams, Gulf Summit, Broome Co., NY: John Waters, Lanesboro, to Mary Call, Harmony; Morris A.C. Bomboy, Auburn, to Hattie Sivers, Rush; Erwin L. Estus, East Rush, to Rettie Quick, Birchardville; Wm. Kirkhuff, Rush, to Hannah Oakes, Jessup; John W. Cargill, Jackson, to Julia Curtis, Jackson.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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