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October 24 1890/1990

Carbondale - Rev. A. P. Broderick, who was ordained last week, celebrated Mass for the first time at the church of St. Thomas, at Archbald, yesterday morning, A number of young clergyman's personal friends were present at the service.

Jackson and Ararat - Considerable snow fell on the hills in this vicinity last night. Both of these townships were, we understand, treated to quite a dose of "the beautiful."

Susquehanna - It was a "cold day" for the merry-go-round, now located on the Chaffe house lot, when its tent was pitched here, and it has so continued ever since. Unlike its predecessor it doesn't seem to gather much lucre. AND Two foreign men, each leading a performing bear, strayed into town last evening. This morning they were ordered to stray out again. The State laws should put a premium upon scalps of this kind and also upon those of their owners or exhibitors. They are a constant menace to the lives and property or every person who drives a horse.

Montrose - The Montrose Democrat denies the statement recently made in the Republican [Montrose], that Messrs. Cargill and Bunnell, the Democratic candidates for Representatives, didn't attend the Friendsville picnic [after going to the grounds] because there was an admission fee of 25 cents charged. Says they were not going to be at the picnic anyhow.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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