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October 23 1891/1991

Springville- [photo with article] Elmer Thomas, Springville, standing in front of the narrow gauge railroad engine, Asa Packer. From the Tunkhannock Democrat. May 7, 1873. "The Montrose Railway will be 27 miles long when completed. It runs from Tunkhannock to Montrose, and is completed within 4 miles of the latter place. It runs through a rich agricultural region and will in time be a valuable feeder to the Lehigh Valley Railroad. The gauge of the road is but 3 feet wide." Photograph courtesy of A. Ralph Taylor, Montrose.

Montrose - We are obliged to abridge for this week, the report of the Teachers' Institute, which, from all accounts, has been a very profitable one. We also leave over some local correspondence, etc., and other interesting matters. As will be noticed, we devote considerable space this week to political matters, in which nearly everyone is interested. AND such as are not should remember that elections, like Christmas, comes but once a year, and so let's all have as much fun out of the thing as we can.

Elk Lake - Winter set in here on Thursday last. The ground was white with snow in many places on Friday morning.

Silver Lake - It is said that 150 children will be confirmed in the Catholic Church next Sabbath.

Susquehanna - Just a few miles out, of town an aged clergyman, who is a leading and rampant prohibitionist, is erecting a cider mill and his parishioners and temperance friends are dismayed. The wicked days have come when principle is hung on a peg for business sake. The awful apple has raised the deuce with people since the world began.

Lawsville - People are very much exercised over the fact that Dr. Merrill expects soon to leave the place and locate elsewhere [Hallstead]. He has a large practice here and his success has been marvelous, and one and all regret his leaving. Perhaps some happy fate may yet interfere to hinder his going.

Jackson - W.W. Pope attended the funeral of Mr. Norton Witter in the capacity of undertaker.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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