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October 21 1892/1992

Jackson - A lady at Carbondale set 26 eggs under a hen last summer and half of them were hatched and all were living; all roosters but one.

Lenoxville - Geo. Tingley and wife, have moved to their daughters, Mrs. Wesley Stevens, to live.

Union Hill- Joe Williams of New Milford, has visited at W.L. Brundage's of this place, last Saturday, riding both ways on a bicycle.

Montrose - While C.F. Watrous was driving along Maple Street on Friday afternoon, his team became unmanageable and ran across the ditch at the side of the road into the garden of the Tyler property. Druggist S.J. Sparkes, who was one of the occupants of the carriage, rose to his feet with the intention of jumping out, but just as he did so the wagon gave a lurch and he was thrown heavily to the ground, breaking one arm just above the wrist.

Birchardville - The work on the Cemetery is still going on and when completed will be a great improvement over the weeds and briers, interspersed with the lovely myrtle. How can we manifest our love and respect for our dear departed, whose labors are done and are resting in the silent city, any better than by keeping their graves free from all the weeds and stones?

South Gibson - Mr. & Mrs. G.C. Brundage celebrated the 40th anniversary of their marriage on Oct 15th by giving a social party to their relatives. May they live to celebrate many more such days as the wish of their many friends. ALSO Alonzo Kinney recently celebrated his 87th birthday by husking 26 bushels of corn. Who can beat that?

Lenoxville - The Glenwood team played ball with the Harford Orphan boys on Friday, Oct 14th. Score: standing 16 to 31 in favor of the Glenwood boys. They had quite a good game and everything went off quiet. The game was witnessed by a good many of the citizens. The Glenwood boys say that the Orphan Boys are good players for their size and age.

Lynn - A party of organ grinders passed through this place on Saturday last, much to the delight of the little folks. AND G.H. Sheldon takes the lead in raising buckwheat this season, having threshed 140 bushels from three acres. Who can beat it?

Clifford - By calling upon Mr. Verey, our village watchmaker, you will find a busy man. Being a first class workman he finds many customers. He can also fit your weak eyes to the right kind of glasses. AND some of our townsmen were dividing the borough of Forest City into two wards last week, making Center Street the division.

Franklin Forks - Little Phillip Wheaton, son of J.C. Wheaton, during the absence of his parents, tell from the table last Saturday and broke his arm just above the wrist. He met with the same accident a couple of years ago

Brooklyn - It is amazing to see the amount of comfort a man will take out of spoiling some other mans driveway to his house, because the law will allow him to do so.

Lawsville - The year of partnership between John Dillon and George Meeker expired this week Wednesday.

Fairdale - W.A. Hewett has the new road about completed. W.A gets in good time since the arrival of a little boy last month, and he still keeps on a broad smile.

Dimock - The Booth required under the Baker Election law have arrived. The blanket ballot comes next, then the election.

Silver Lake - A number of people from this place attended the Montrose fair and report it simply grand and oh, such a crowd of people.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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