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October 2 1891/1991

Jackson - The Champion Wagon Factory is doing a big business. They put up five dozen a week, and employ 55 hands.

Lawsville- E. Dean is doing some very fine portrait painting; his work in that line can hardly be surpassed.

Choconut - Miss Sadie Heavy has not returned home as reported, for she was seen riding through the valley.

Harford - Receipts at gate, Harford Fair, $1,556.75. Total receipts $1,735.90.

Springville- Prof. Teel will soon be on the road again with his show, having lately been remodeling his wagon, getting team in order, etc. Call on him when he comes your way and you will never regret having paid your 25 cents.

Birchardville - A very pleasant gathering of relatives was held at the home of J.J. Ely, Sept. 16. The occasion was the marriage of his eldest daughter, Miss Hattie, to Newton L. Cobb, both well-known in Birchardville. The day was lovely, and may this union consummated, partake largely of life’s joys, is the wish of their many friends.

Gibson - The Gibson Star Grange will have an entertainment and Toe Supper at the Universalist Church on Tuesday evening, Oct 20. The entertainment will consist of Mrs. Jarley's far-famed Wax Works and speaking and singing.

Montrose - Now that Montrose has become a "railroad town," those faint, glimmering oil lamps stuck around on posts look more old fashioned than ever, while for lighting the streets, that is, making them light, they are but little good. AND Thursday, Oct 15, will be another big day for Montrose, the parade of the Montrose Fire Department occurring on that date. Three outside companies have been invited, and as far as heard from the probabilities are that they will all accept. They are the Fountain 4's of Binghamton; Owego Hook and Ladder Co. or Owego; and Crystals of Scranton. It is expected that there will also be four bands present.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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