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October 18 1895/1995

Steven’s Point – Rev. J.C. Hogan, the Prohibition warhorse, of Forest City, will deliver an address at Steven’s Point on Friday evening.

Rush – Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Perigo left for Gettysburg battlefield and dedication of the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteer monument on Sunday.

East Rush – Miss Grace Lenox intends to come back to Tom James, next week, we understand AND Mrs. Emma Risley, of Elk Lake, has been through this place trying to get up a tea club.

Susquehanna – At the State Convention of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, held at Harrisburg, Mrs. Judson H. Cook, of Susquehanna, was elected one of the delegates to the National Convention, to be held in Baltimore, October 17th.

Lanesboro – As decapod pushing locomotive No. 805 was passing over the Starrucca viaduct on Friday afternoon last, it blew out a piston rod, which broke and fell from the structure, and weighing several hundred pounds, was imbedded in the ground below. Two persons, who were riding along under the bridge, narrowly escaped being hit by the rod.

Lynn – Charles Sherman is digging a well near his barn so that he can water his cattle and horses without going a long distance to the creek.

West Auburn – G.W. Tompkins, our new blacksmith, and woodworker, is now located here ready for business. He has moved his family into the Jayne house, near the church.

Springville – A much needed rain came on Saturday last, the most that has fallen at one time in three months. AND Quite a number of people called on Mrs. M.E. Compton on Saturday eve to watch the unfolding of a night blooming cereus. They report being well paid for their trouble.

Hallstead – The West Chapter Daily Local News publishes a list of 542 pupils who are attending the State Normal School in that place. Susquehanna county has only one in the list – Mabel Stevens of Elkdale – The Hallstead Herald reports: No need of pupils going so far away, when there are fine Normal school no further away than Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Mansfield.

Montrose – F.D. Morris & Co. have added a fine hot soda apparatus to their Central drug store. ANDThe three Fathers O’Reilly, of Scranton and vicinity, were in this place the latter part of last week, on their return from Choconut where they had been called to officiate at the funeral services of their nephew, John Vincent Kelley, of that place.

Elk Lake – I think that Dimock is the best town for Doctors and Lawyres [lawyers]; as sixteen doctors and five lawyers have been raised in the town within forty-five years. What town can beat it? AND C.M. Young is making cider every day, Byron Tyler is assisting him.

Wilmarth – No preaching here last Sunday on account of rain.

Uniondale – J.E. Thomas, proprietor of our chief general store, has added an immense stock of whips and blankets, and we understand that he is soon to put in a big supply of ready made harnesses and will carry all horse goods generally found in a first-class harness shop. That’s what we have needed for years. Whoop it up John. ANDWalter Kilmer, better known as the big Indian, has secured from H.H. Finn the general agency of Broome county, for the sales of the Finn ironing tables. We expect soon to see several more hands at work in the factory to supply the demand, as Walter is a hustler, and tables will soon be placed in almost every home in Broome Co. We wish you success, Walt.

News Brief – Smoked mica in stove doors may be cleansed by slipping it out and putting it to soak for a few hours in a dish of vinegar, then removing and polishing with a soft cloth.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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