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October 14 1892/1992

Susquehanna - Make arrangements to spend Columbian Day in Susquehanna. It will be a grand day for all, as the Committee appointed by the citizens of this place to make a worthy observance of that day, are preparing an excellent programme for the occasion. A.H. McCollum of Montrose, is selected for orator of the day. Rev. P.F. Brodrick, of St. John's Catholic Church, and Rev. Stephen Jay, of the Methodist Church, have kindly consented to deliver addresses. Music will be furnished by Susquehanna and Oakland bands; while another attractive feature will be the grand chorus of 600 voices. Recitations will form a pan of the programme. There will be two parades. In the morning the civic societies, fire department, etc., will turn out, and in the afternoon the school children numbering nearly 1,200 strong, will march. Remember the date October 21st.

Hop Bottom - The friends of Mrs. Loomis Wright made her a surprise on Saturday evening last, it being her 75th birthday. She received ten dollars in money and several dollars worth of groceries.

Jackson - Emory Sherpardon showed me, the other day, a place that he commenced the carpenter and joiners' work with 30 years ago, on which were to be plainly seen the marks of use, as the wood has been worn away so that it hollowed out and is not true on the top where the hand rests when in use. He has earned in that time about $40,000 at, his trade, and is at this time building a fine house for G. Spencer, of Thompson. He served some time as, an apprentice with F.A. Perry. 01 Susquehanna, and he built W.H. Larrabee's house in North Jackson, one of the finest dwellings to be found in Susquehanna County.

Clifford - Burgess Smith, of this place, 85 years of age, walks 13 miles to Brown Hollow to church once a month.

Silver Lake - The weather is perfect and the Autumn tints, as reflected in the lake, are beautiful.

West Bridgewater - Husking bees are raging this week. Tuesday evening there was one at J.F. Paddlefords, Thursday evening at Albert Hinds.

Montrose - Work on the water company's reservoir is progressing very slowly, there being only about twenty men and five teams employed at present. Judging from the apparent difficulty in securing laborers, the company will need the full limit of their contract to complete the plant. From the lake to the reservoir, 8-inch pipes will be used, while the mains from the reservoir to the town will be 6 inch. The pipes are now stretched to the foot of Public Avenue.

Elkdale - Owing to the unusual dullness of this city our items will not be of the usual interest.

News Briefs - Coal is selling for $1.75 per ton, delivered. This, we understand, is cheaper than Binghamton and other places are receiving it. A letter from S.A. Morris, of Sandwich, IL. says that if the Eastern Democrats think that Illinois will be in the Democratic column in November, they are mistaken, as it will loom up big for Harrison and Reid and Joe Fifer. AND Instead of ten days, as heretofore a postmaster is, by a new ruling of the department, authorized to hold unclaimed letters thirty days in the absence of specific instructions to the contrary from the writer. Unless, you write or have printed upon your envelope the number of days you wish it to be held for the person; addressed, it will be held thirty days.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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