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October 06 1899/1999

Lenoxville - There has been some talk of a new school house in the Rought district. It is certainly very much needed and we think if the school directors had to sit in the school building on cold wintry days, in its present condition, as do the little children, they would not long hesitate in having a new and comfortable building.

Great Bend - Great Bend boasts of a canine milk thief which has successfully plied his trade for some time to the great annoyance and considerable loss to divers housekeepers and the milk dealers. The dog's mode of procedure, as told by the Plaindealer is to watch the milkman when the latter stops at a house and as soon as the wagon is left alone, the dog will make a dash for the cart, jump in, seize a bottle by the neck and scamper off with it before the owner's return. If he misses the milkman, then the dog visits the doorstep where a bottle of milk has been left and if no one is about he takes it as before described to a secluded spot. Once alone, the dog raises up on his hind feet and then lets the bottle fall, thereby breaking it, when he secures what he can of its contents.

Hallstead - Misses Edith Trowbridge and Josephine Millard have gone to Chicago to pursue a course of study in Moody's school for christian workers. AND - C. A. Lawrence narrowly escaped injury last week, while lighting the lamps of the chandelier of the Baptist church. Through some defective construction the entire combination of reflector and 25 lamps and pendants, was precipitated to the pews and seats, 22 feet below. Fortunately, the accident occurred earlier than the evening service or many people would have been injured.

Oakley - The coldest weather on record for the first of October, so says the oldest resident.

Hopbottom - A Harvest Home service will be held at the M.E. church, Sunday morning, Oct. 8th, at 10:30. Decorations are Autumn leaves, grain, vegetables and fruit. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.

Montrose - It was quite a sight along up the Montrose railway when the little engine, the Asa Packer, first went up over the road. Then another engine was added to the road and it was known as the Montrose and the Montrose end of the road felt reasonably proud over the fact. Montrose has come to have a broad gauge railroad and the little engines are not of as much account any more. The Asa Packer has been to the Sayre shops and has come back with the name erased and the plain figure "1" takes its place. The Montrose comes from the same shop, where it has been overhauled and it no longer bears the name Montrose, but the number "2" occupies the name place on the engine.

Susquehanna - The Erie Hose Company's elegant new hose wagon arrived from Rochester on Monday. It is a bran-span, bang-up, new wagon, all shiny, with nickel and varnish. It is a beauty and runs as easily as a bicycle, having ball bearings. In the evening the Company, headed by the Susquehanna band, paraded the principal streets with the wagon. There were rockets and red fire galore. The company enjoyed a social in the evening. It cost $525.

Oakland - The Oakland Water company is building a new reservoir on Westfall Avenue, with a capacity of 4,500 barrels.

Brooklyn - C. H. Tiffany has nearly completed the piping for his water works. Connection was made this week with the residence of Dr. A. J. Ainey. The prospect is that the supply will always be adequate as there was no falling off of water during the recent drouth [drought].

Forest Lake Centre - We have had very heavy frosts through this valley. Charles Sivers found frozen apples in his orchard.

Harford - The Congregational church purposes to celebrate their centennial June 15, 1900. They have selected officers and committees and the work is well under way. A reunion of Franklin Academy students is also planned. AND - The balloonist at the Harford fair was unable to make an ascension, as his balloon bursted while inflating. The report that it was purposely cut had no apparent foundation in fact, as the balloonist seemed to regret the occurrence much. But his balloon didn't look like a first class article.

Heart Lake - Jersey Ice Company haws sold its ice houses and land to the Pocono Mountain Ice Company. Consideration, $5000.

Forest City - The miners went back to work last week, being out but a few days, and prosperous times are promised for that interesting burg.

Uniondale - The first snow storm of the season--Saturday. That's getting after us pretty early. AND - Marion Dimmick, of Uniondale, and Miss Annie Burdick, of Elk Hill, were married at Elkdale, Sept. 20th.

Lanesboro - A sad and fatal accident occurred here, Sept. 28th, resulting in the death of a daughter of Frank Prentice, three years old. Mrs. Prentice was engaged in cleaning the M.E. church when the child fell backward into a tub containing hot water. Dr. Goodwin was called but in spite of all he could the child never rallied from the shock and died on Friday morning.

News Briefs - The odor of tar balls on the clear, frosty air, tells us that winter garments are making their annual debut. AND - There is an unusual rush of tramps over the Erie. Gangs of from ten to twenty-five constantly move from east to west and from west to east, over the line between New York and Buffalo, a menace to life and property.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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