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November 7 1890/1990

Thompson - Mr. S. Foster has bought of G.B. Chandler, the lot on the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets, and is preparing to build a store and dwelling house thereon. AND Mr. Brundage, the principal of our graded school, has left, having received a call where he can make more money. Mr. Smith, of South Gibson, will finish the term here.

Montrose - The Towanda Review, under the head of "The Montrose Tubular Sled," says: "A considerable demand during the coming season is anticipated by manufacturers of Tubular steel sleds. They are being produced in large quantities, small sleds for boys' use, large ones for heavy, hauling, and even sleighs can be thus constructed, with the advantage of being light, convenient and substantial." And The Oregon Medicine Company represented by Dr. B.F. Carey, will give entertainments here for a limited number of weeks every evening at the opera house, commencing this [Monday] evening. Tonight will be free. The doctor has engaged the opera house and hotel accommodations for a number of weeks. A new program every evening. The doctor can be consulted for medical advice during his office hours at the opera house from 9 a.m. to 5 o'clock p.m. During the afternoon, Mrs. Carey will be present for the reception of ladies. Consultations free. The press published in towns where they have remained from three to eight weeks speak favorably of the doctor and his company.

North Jackson - Congressman Wright has secured for Mr. L.D. Larrabee, of North Jackson. Esq., a back of $2,7000. The recipient is an old gentleman well known in this vicinity, who sent three sons to fight for the preservation of the Union, one of whom died from starvation in a rebel prison.

Susquehanna - The first annual ball of the Young Men's Social Club, held in Hogan Opera House last Friday evening, was one of the most pleasant and successful social events that ever transpired in Susquehanna. Over 75 couples participated in the dances and the gallery was crowded with spectators. The Susquehanna Band, attired in their $5,000 uniforms, headed the grand 1narch, an orchestra from Owego furnished excellent music for dancing, and a sumptuous repast was served at the Central House. The net receipts were about $100.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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