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November 6 1896/1996

Royal - Clair West, our enterprising young merchant, is doing a fair business. An upright, honest man and should have the patronage of our community.

Great Bend - Dr. Merrill has used the newly discovered remedy, antitoxin, in treating diphtheria here, and he considers it all that has been claimed by eminent medical men elsewhere.

Forest City- We are pleased to learn that the Forest City News now passes into the hands of W.J. Maxey, Esq., the genial dispenser of justice in that city. We wish to express our sympathy for Editor Brown and regret the loss to the profession which his retirement entails, but we are gratified that his place will be so worthily filled, and we extend congratulations and hope for the greatest prosperity for Squire Maxey's venture. Montrose Republican.

Montrose - It was an enthusiastic crowd of "first voters" that left Republican headquarters about 10:30 Tuesday morning and headed by the Montrose Cornet band and carrying appropriate and significant banners, marched to their respective polling places to vote. The third ward had a representation of 25 and the first and second wards turned out a combined delegation of 15. Each of them for the first time expressed their Presidential preference at the polls, and as a consequence 40 Republican votes helped to swell the Keystone state's magnificent majority of 300,000 for McKinley.

Jackson - Jackson has lost two well-known and highly esteemed residents during the past week, Mrs. H.M. Benson and Deacon J.H. Miles. Their departure is deeply regretted by all who knew them and they leave behind them the record of a blameless life. The world is better for their having lived in it.

Susquehanna - To give their employees an opportunity to vote the Erie I shops were closed on Tuesday. Nothing except passenger trains ran over the Jefferson Branch.

Oakland - A few weeks ago a barn on the Oakland Side, belonging to Messrs. Ansel and Frank Andrews, was burned by an incendiary. On Monday, Rev. W.R. Cochrane, who leases a house of Mr. Andrews, received an anonymous letter signed "Our xxxx Marks" stating that the house would be burned and advising him to move out. On Monday night a notice was posted upon the Susquehanna Oakland bridge, warning all persons against purchasing meat or cider of the Messrs. Andrews, as it would be poisoned. An energetic effort will be made to ferret out and punish the dastardly wretches LATER Rev. W.R. Cochrane, who recently received a letter from the Ku Klux of that borough, notifying him to move out of the house he occupies, or be liable to incineration because his landlord happens to have enemies among the aforesaid Ku Klux, says the rumor that he is going to move is without foundation. He has, on the contrary, got down his shotgun, cleaned it and is prepared to use it, if necessary, to protect his life or his home. That's the proper act.

Birchardville - Between the hours of 3 or 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon last, a fine McKinley and Hobart pole was raised on the school house grounds in Birchardville, by the teacher, John S. Sweet and his scholars. A few men lent a helping hand. After being placed in position three; rousing cheers were given in honor of the candidates. The pole is a fine maple, 60 feet in length, straight as an arrow, standing erect in all its glory, with its flag waving, making an imposing appearance.

Glenwood - Dennis Conrad and wife, of Lathrop, are jubilant over the arrival of their seventeenth child, which occurred Sunday, November 1st. It is a girl and weighs 4 pounds.

Auburn Centre- Leander Lott has given his house a new coat of paint which makes it look very nobby. AND Eddie Donlin says, you can stop us from holding a Democrat mass meeting but you can't stop the immigration of little Democrats because there was one [that] came to my house October 20th. A bright eyed little silver bug by the name of William J. [Jennings] Bryan Donlin.

Hop Bottom- The Methodist people of Hopbottom will rebuild their church which was destroyed by fire, after the plans of the new M.E. church at Hallstead.

New Milford - J.W. Hoyt will open a repair shop in the room adjoining G.H. Edwards' blacksmith shop. We understand he will put in tools to do repairing on guns, bicycles, machines, etc. New Milford needs something of this kind. AND J.W. Hoyt sold his barber business to W.H. Shippart of Binghamton. The new proprietor took possession Wednesday. His shop will be located over L.G. McCollums' store, a neat and pleasant location.

Susquehanna County- Four students from Susquehanna county are at the State Normal School, West Chester: Mabel Harding, Lenoxville, Mabel Stevens, Elkdale; Jennie Scott, Thomson, C.G. McCauley, Susquehanna.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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