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November 28 1890/1990

Susquehanna - A resident of Church Hill has a bird dog, also has a flock of 20 or 30 hens. Neighbors on all sides have hens which do not materially differ in appearance and which stray into the inclosures of the dog, and associate with the hens which belong on the premises. The strange part of this circumstance is that the dog will select from the flock of hens that do not belong there and drive them out every time they make their appearance, and he never makes a mistake. Is it instinct or is it reason? Now don’t anybody say, “It’s neither, it’s a lie,” because it is an occurrence that can be witnessed any day. AND The Chief-of-Police yesterday received a letter from Pittsburgh saying that a man named Thomas Cox is there for murder. He is about 21, six feet high, slim, smooth faced, weighs 180 or 190 pounds, has light brown hair, black, piercing eyes, wears dark clothes, and can’t look you straight in the face.

Alford - The Lackawanna & Montrose Railroad Company's trestle, which crosses the pond at Alford practically completed last Monday. G.W. Doolittle, photographer, has views of the trestle for sale.

Montrose - Lost, on Thanksgiving evening, at the Opera House or between there and W. M. Post's residence a large rug. A reward will be paid for its return or any information leading to its recovery. AND About 30 neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Bloomfield Howard took possession of their home the day before Thanksgiving, and prepared a nice dinner, and presented the couple with one dozen silver knives forks, a half dozen teaspoons and other tokens of friendship.

South Gibson - The band boys took in $21 at their oyster supper, held recently. They should be encouraged.

Gibson - Fitch Resseguie, one of the oldest residents of Gibson, died at 4 a.m., Monday Nov. 17, aged 86 years. He was a man who had many friends who will mourn his departure.

Lanesboro - Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Taylor, of Lanesboro, yesterday, a son.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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