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November 24 1905/2005

Brooklyn - State Road Commissioner Hunter was up last week, and acquiesced to the application of Brooklyn township for a State road, as provided by law, and says same will be built in the early spring. The road, beginning at Brooklyn Centre, will be built to the Lathrop township line. Hop Bottom is anxious to see the road extended to Hop Bottom and Lathrop will be asked to consider this question. If Lathrop would build to the borough line, then Hop Bottom boro. could continue it to the railroad. Otherwise not, as a boro. can only continue a road coming to its limits. This is the only road applied for, under this law, in this county, thus far.

Tingley/New Milford - On Saturday morning between three and four o'clock, occurred an accident which has cast a gloom over all the surrounding vicinity, and by which Arthur Aldrich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Aldrich, of Tingley, met his death. On Friday night he attended a party near Harford, going with a load of schoolmates from New Milford. On returning he left them with a cherry good night and proceeded homeward, going down [the] railroad track. When nearly home he stepped from one track to avoid a freight train, to the other, directly in front of one of the fast night lines. He was crushed beyond recognition. He was a member of the New Milford High School and would have graduated this year. His funeral was held Monday, Nov. 20, 2005.

Ararat - LeRoy Ballard, of Ararat, was brought to Montrose Wednesday night of last week, by Constable Fred Empet, and placed in the county jail. Ballard was arrested on the charge of being implicated in the burglary at Ararat, when the home of Eli Avery, a well-to-do farmer was broken into and $800 stolen. It will be remembered that the occupants of the house were tortured to make them reveal the hiding place of the money.

Heart Lake - W. A. Brown has his mill lighted with electric lights.

Tripp Lake - I [Mrs. T. L. Mahoney] wish to thank my good neighbors, Messrs. M. J. Hannagan and son, Jeremiah Mahoney and son, John Mahoney, Ernest Ingraham and Morris Wilbur for their hard work and generous efforts in saving my home from being consumed by fire when we felt it would be a hopeless cause, the fire had gained such headway. Also Messrs. Salisbury and Tiffany of the F.A. & I.U. for their prompt and satisfactory adjustment of my loss.

Susquehanna - Jasper Jennings, in his Geography and History of Susquehanna County column writes: "Susquehanna is situated on very uneven ground; long flights of steps often reaching most of the distance from one street to the next above, and on this account it has been called 'The City of Stairs.' It is picturesquely located at the foot of the heavy grade leading over the high water-shed by the way of Gulf Summit to Deposit, 62 ft. to the mile. The principal business of the place is connected with the railway interests. Monster locomotives are kept here to help the heavy trains up the ascending grade; and during the cool and frosty mornings in the Fall of the year immense clouds of smoke and steam mark the course of the long trains as they wind around the distant curves and crawl over the large embankments, across the great Starrucca Viaduct and along the far off mountainside, combine to make an impressive picture."

Fairdale - J. J. Ryan & Co. put a heater into the basement of the church last week. You can come to church now and not get smoked. The carpenters are hurrying along as fast as possible and we hope the church will soon be ready for service. AND Fred Hart butchered 13 hogs for Charles Steiger and W. E. Sterling in 2 hours and 15 minutes, last Tuesday.

Dimock - John Park's barn burned to the ground last Friday night. Origin of fire unknown. This makes the third barn burned in that vicinity within the last three months and certainly has the appearance of suspicion. The barns burned were D. G. Underhill's, Dimock Camp Ground barn and now Mr. Park's.

East Rush/Elk Lake - Between East Rush and Elk Lake: brown dog and collar, his name is Browney. Please return same to Price Smith, Montrose. Reward offered.

Lynn, Springville Twp. - Nov. 12th the house of Nick Titman tried to burn. The neighbors carried the furniture out, put out the fire, then carried the furniture back again. The damage was slight. AND The vaccination law was enforced here Monday, Nov. 20, but against the teacher's wish.

Forest Lake - Turkey buyers are offering as high as 18 cents a pound for picked turkeys.

Factoryville - Christy Matthewson has signed with the New York Giants for the season of 1906 for $8,000.

Forest City - As a result of the prosecutions instituted by the Law and Order League against the saloon keepers for selling on Sunday, six persons were convicted, while one pleaded guilty in the county courts last week. Four rules to revoke the licenses of wholesale liquor dealers here were obtained, it being claimed that they had been guilty of violating the liquor law.

Montrose - M. Shaw, a cigar manufacturer of nearly 40 years' experience, has started a cigar factory on South Main street in [the] location formerly occupied by W. H. Dennis & Son. It will be known as The Montrose Cigar Factory. Mr. Shaw is turning out some good brands and is making a specialty of his "Teaser" and Shaw's fives and tens.

Lenox - The Lenox Grange held their second annual fair and also the dedication of their new hall in Glenwood on Saturday, Nov. 11. It was a complete success and the members wish to extend thanks to everyone who helped to make it so. Receipts were $146.39.

Middletown/Choconut - Miss Agatha K. Foran, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Foran, of "Sunnyside," Middletown, and Patrick J. Byrne, son of Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Byrne, of "Green Hedge," Choconut, were married by the Rev. B. V. Driscoll in St. Francis Xavier's church, Friendsville, on Wed., Nov. 15, 1905. Miss Mary Foran, of Binghamton, sister of the bride and Christopher Byrne, Jr., of Port Washington, L.I., brother of the groom, attended them. The bride was dressed in a dark blue voile gown, over silk, with lace trimmings, and wore a dark blue velvet toque. Immediately after the marriage ceremony the bridal party returned to "Sunnyside," where dinner was served to over a hundred guests, who by their presence and numerous valuable gifts showed the high esteem in which the young couple are held. They will be at home to their friends after Nov. 26, at "Green Hedge," Choconut.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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