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November 22 1897/1997

Forest City - According to the Forest City News surveyors have been at work on the tract of land on the Wayne county side of the Lackawanna, opposite the Erie depot, there, laying out the site for a new town.

New Milford - G. C. Howell and Chas. Brandow visited Rochester recently for the purpose of procuring an artificial leg for Mr. Brandow.

Hallstead - The establishment of the steam laundry by Holden and Barnes is the inauguration of a new industry that will greatly tend to lighten the burden of the resident householders and it is to be presumed they will take to this improved method of wash-day economy.

Brooklyn - The young ladies of Mr. M. W. Palmer's S.S. class will serve a chicken supper in the basement of the Universalist church Thanksgiving evening, Nov. 25th, from 7 to 10 p.m. A short entertainment will be given by the class: Misses Bertha Packer, Grace Cameron, Mable Nash, Lena Fish, Jessie Packer, Florence Watrous, Maude Waldie and Ethel Sterling. A cordial invitation is extended.

Rush - One of the newest developments in the Rush murder case is that the Commissioners of Susquehanna County, on Tuesday, offered the reward of $1000 for the arrest and conviction of the murderer or murderers of A. J. Pepper. AND Mr. Rakestraw, of Boston, is expected to come to east Rush, Saturday evening, Nov. 20th, with a graphone and give an entertainment. Proceeds to apply on pastor's salary.

Montrose - The high wind one night last week wrenched the Presbyte-rian church spire, near the top, causing it to now stand somewhat out of plumb. AND Every man, young, middle-aged and old, under 100 years of age, is urged to attend the men's mass meeting in the armory, Nov. 28, at 3:30 p.m. Turn out men and crowd the house to the doors.

Susquehanna - Jack Moran, catcher of the base-ball nine of this place, has returned to his home at Carbondale. AND The "Finnegan-'s Fortune Co." appeared in Hogan's Opera House on Saturday evening, giving an exasperating performance before a slim audience. Later in the evening the troupe struck the rocks of adversity and went to pieces.

Forest Lake - The descendents of Benjamin Russell met at the home of Joseph Russell in Liberty, this month, on the 6th. Those present from this place were Elder and Mrs. Tilden [formerly Flavilla Amelia Russell], and Mrs. Lucy Cobb and son, Elmer.

Jackson - Martin A. Pickering and son are the champion onion raisers in this vicinity, growing this season nearly 200 bushels. AND Uncle Austin Benson, as he was familiarly called, died suddenly at his home with Truman Clinton, near Jackson, Monday evening Nov. 8, at the advanced age of 86 years. He was, with but one exception, the oldest man in Jackson. He was the oldest brother of County Surveyor L. D. Benson, Esq., of Jackson, L. C. Benson, of Susquehanna, and A. M. Benson of Cleveland, O. He was a member of Myron French Post, G.A.R. The funeral was Wednesday, Nov. 10, W. W. Pope, funeral director. Interment in Lamb cemetery.

Hopbottom - Mrs. Sarah Reynolds is sick with the measles and does not know where she caught them. Her daughter, Jessie, came home to take care of her.

Glenwood - Preparatory to resuming the arduous duties of his position at Washington, Congressman at Large Galusha A. Grow is spending a few weeks in the quiet of his home.

Auburn - Report of Dunlap School for month ending Nov. 9th. Those receiving 100 percent, in spelling. Rose, Mary, Johnnie and Felix Fitzsimmons; Mary, Terry and Bettie Smith; Johnnie and Willie Singer; Sarah Humphrey, Edith Turner, Harry Rowe. Twenty-three pupils enrolled. T. [Thomas] J. Rafferty, Teacher.

Lawsville - Frank H. Bailey and Jessie M. Southworth were married at the Manse, Conklin, NY, Nov. 12 by Rev. I. P. Emerick. The bride was dressed in white silk and white kid gloves and slippers. They took a train to Ohio, where they will reside. Mr. Bailey is a graduate of Pennsylvania State College and an expert creameryman, having won the gold medal for butter-making.

Herrick Centre - Rev. E. R. Allen, of Susquehanna, will give a Temperance lecture in the Baptist church, Friday evening, November 26th.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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