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November 19 1909/2009

Bridgewater Twp. - As the Lehigh Valley train on the Montrose branch was returning to Tunkhannock, Monday, the engine ran over a cow while near the "horseshoe," on the Jessup farm, and overturned the engine, tumbling it into the ditch and derailing a mail car and a freight car, the latter being reduced to kindling wood in short order. Engineer Greisinger was injured and Fireman Cook got out without knowing how (it was later learned he was hurled from the engine and tossed down the slope with the coal in the tender). The train was coming down the grade at a rapid rate and the engineer did not notice the animal, it being on the outside of the track, until they were almost on it. The pilot struck the cow, dragging her under the wheels and as the engine lurched to one side the engineer was pitched through the cab window. The engine plowed into the bank on the upper side of the track, doubling the cowcatcher under the body of the locomotive. The force with which the train stopped was such as to throw detachable portions of the cars a long distance. The wrecking train was sent for, and worked Monday afternoon and night and part of Tuesday. And before they got away the big steam derrick got into trouble and off the track, in Charlie Post's orchard, and that took a lot of work to get it back and right. The cow was killed.

Hallstead - During a game of football between the Hallstead team and the Greene, NY team, last Saturday at Hallstead, H. A. Keigwin, a Hallstead player, had his shoulder broken. Singularly, this game was a benefit game for Glen Peck, of Susquehanna, who had been seriously injured in a contest the `preceding Saturday.

West Lathrop - The quilt made by the Lakeside M. E. Ladies' Aid was a grand success financially. It brought, together with the supper, $32. George Osborne drew the lucky number.

Hop Bottom - The Ladies' Aid of the Universalist church will hold a fair Thanksgiving day. A fine chicken dinner with all the fixin's at 25 cents a plate. In the evening the young ladies of the Y.P.C.U. will give the burlesque, "The Sweet Family," a whole evening's fun. Come out and help the young people. Proceeds are to help pay church insurance.

Lawsville - James W. Howard, a veteran of the Civil war, died at his home here on Monday, Nov. 8. His age was 77 years. The funeral was held from the Baptist Church.

Great Bend - Charles Reinhard, who so efficiently filled the position of janitor at the public school, resigned last week and the place is being filled by Mr. Johnson. All who had anything to do with Mr. Reinhard in the school are sorry to see him leave.

Forest Lake - Last Friday the large frame house on the old Griffis homestead in this township, was burned to the ground, leaving only its ashes as a memory of the many and varied events which have occurred under its roof. With the passing of the house an old familiar landmark has been removed. It was built by Elisha Griffis in 1836 and was designed and used for many years as a wayside inn or tavern for the accommodation of the traveling public. Possibly the "oldest inhabitant" may recall the four-horse stage coach that made its tri-weekly trips over the road, which was then known as the Milford and Owego turnpike. [The tavern was a relay station where drivers changed horses. The third floor was a dance hall.] After Elisha Griffis' death, the youngest son, the late Jefferson Griffis, became its owner and under his management the place was much improved. Truman Chamberlin and family occupied the house and the fire was not discovered until it burst through the side of the building. Friendly neighbors, as soon as the alarm was sounded, removed the majority of the household goods and saved the fine barn and other nearby outbuildings from the threatening flames and flying cinders.

Montrose - In a stroll down Chenango street, a sudden pause before Bethel A.M.E. church, recalled the lines, "Change and decay on every hand I see." Only 25 years ago this meeting-house, in its good, clean, white dress and well-kept surroundings, was the pride of Chenango street, and the "wilderness," masquerade "cake walks" and festival debates, were very interesting features to the white neighbors and friends. Now-a-days the doors of old Bethel church are rarely opened, its outer walls are weather beaten and worn, and its steps are old and creaky. What was once a flourishing congregation has dwindled into a mere few, and probably now the only surviving "patriarchs of Bethel" are Mr. and Mrs. George Battles. The Bethel church was first organized about three miles from Montrose by fugitives in slavery times.

Springville - Wednesday night of last week R. E. McMicken was disturbed by hearing a commotion around his hen roost, and he quickly investigated with a shotgun, firing as well as he could in the darkness. It is not known whether the shot took effect, but the poultry was dropped. Petty thieving in this town is getting to be a nuisance and some fine time in the darkness of night someone will need a doctor to extract bird shot from his vile carcass.

Gelatt - Work is progressing nicely on the new Grange hall and when completed it will be one of the best Grange halls in the country.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - Mass will be at St. John's church, Flynn Corners, Sunday, Nov. 28th, at which time Bishop Hoban, of Scranton, with a number of priests to assist, will lay the corner stone and dedicate the church at 2 p.m., the same day the new burying ground will be consecrated, also the bell will be blessed.

Susquehanna - Sgt. Davenport of the State constabulatory and troopers, who have been located at Montrose since the opening of the hunting season, have been transferred to Susquehanna where they will look after the illegal hunters.

Herrick Centre - P. H. Flynn is having steam heat put in his hotel and is also adding a laundry to his kitchen.

News Brief - Susquehanna County has a good representation at the Bloomsburg State Normal School this year. Those enrolled for the year are: Pauline Coleman, Frances Corse, Ruth Reynolds, Uniondale; Lawrence Savige, Brooklyn; Ruth Kinney, Springville; Edith Corse, New Milford; Emma Davis, Loretta Sullivan, Forest City; Joy Harding, Great Bend; David Moses, Tresco; Affa Rosengrant, Susquehanna.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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