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November 15 1912/2012

Lawsville - Yeggmen [a criminal, esp. a safecracker] made a second attempt to rob the store of Postmaster Geo. W. Meeker and this time were more successful, securing $300 in cash and stamps. It is believed to be the same trio that made an attempt previously, but evidently scared away. Mr. Meeker was awakened by an explosion in his store about 2 o’clock in the morning and investigation showed that the safe had been blown open, nitro glycerin being used. The yeggmen were tracked as far as Hallstead, but here the trail was lost. In tracking the yeggmen to Hallstead, portions of iron work from the wrecked safe were picked up along the road, indicating that the robbers must have horridly snatched up the contents of the safe after the explosion and beat a hasty retreat. In their hurry to get away a derby was left behind, also a bottle containing nitro glycerin, a fuse and a detonating cap. Mr. Meeker took the nitro glycerin out into the fields, as far as possible from any buildings, and placed a box over it. He says it’s the first article ever presented to him that he really didn’t know what to do with.

Montrose/Springville - The death of Will Turrell (colored) aged 28 years, occurred at the Montrose poor farm on Monday, Nov. 11. Death was due to tuberculosis, he having been taken to the farm a number of weeks previous, suffering from the disease. He was, for a number of years, porter at the Montrose House, but the greater part of his life was spent at his native home in Springville. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. S. S. V. Holland from the undertaking parlors of F. W. Hart. Interment in Montrose Cemetery.

Choconut - Anyone who has lately visited the Choconut Valley Hotel, at Choconut, formerly the Mooney Hotel, which is now being conducted by the McCahill Bros., are surprised at the transformation which has been and is being made. Steam heat, acetylene lights, plumbing throughout the house and a metal shingle roof have been among the main improvements. A porch, running the length of the building, is another innovation and glass partitions and sides turn it into a sun parlor, which is similar to those seen at the most up-to-date pleasure resorts. The McCahill Bros. are paying especial attention to auto parties, many of whom have already learned of this delightful resort, coming from Binghamton and Owego on the north and from Hallstead, Montrose, Towanda and other places on the south.

Alford - Clarence Rickard, of Honesdale, was run down and killed on the Lackawanna tracks, Sunday afternoon. He lost his life in saving his companions, Miss Lou Simpson and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davey from a similar fate. They had started to view the work on the new cut-off and were walking the tracks. In order to avoid a fast train they stepped from one track to another, directly in front of a pusher engine traveling in the opposite direction. Rickard saw the danger and pushed his companions down the embankment. In trying to follow them he tripped over the rail, fell directly beneath the wheels of the locomotive, being cut in two.

Lenoxville - Two uniformed [state] troopers, on horseback, passed through our village Sunday and announced their intention of repeating the performance every ten days.

Howard Hill, Liberty Twp. - While working for M. D. Reynolds on Saturday, Elmer Vandermark got bit in the face by a horse.

Fowler Hill, Auburn Twp. - The surprise party for Miss Mildred Wootton, Friday night, was complete, it being her eleventh birthday. Refreshments served were coffee and cake. ALSO in Auburn - While doing chores at the barn on Wednesday morning of last week the house of Thomas Keough and son, Charles, located one mile north of Auburn Corners, took fire presumably from the chimney and burned to the ground with its entire contents.

Lake View, Jackson Twp. - A masquerade social was held at the home of A. G. Savory for the benefit of the Lake View graded school. About 90 attended and a good many were in costumes, some very pretty and some very funny. Coffee, cake and pumpkin pie were served. All departed at a late hour declaring a fine time.

Conklin, NY - Several from Lawsville attended the entertainment here last Saturday evening, given by the Tennessean Jubilee Singers. They say the rendition of the old plantation melodies was fine.

Hallstead - On Thursday evening some chicken thieves stole fifteen very choice barred rock fowls from the home of Michael Kelly. There is no clue. ALSO Thieves entered the hen house of Ira Tinklepaugh, at East Ararat, recently. Thirty fowls were taken.

Carbondale - Carbondale is laying claim to the first suffragette vote at the recent election, to their great pleasure. Of course the ballots were pink.

Rush - Dr. Hickock, who for some years has been located here, has removed to Meshoppen, where he will practice his profession. Dr. Hickock has rented the Sterling homestead in that place, in which he will have his home office. Susquehanna county friends greatly regret the removal of the doctor and his wife from the county.

Montrose - Owing to the fact that there are a few light cases of diphtheria in Montrose the library was closed as a precaution on Monday and no books are being sent out. The circulation of books affords an easy means of spreading contagion, and while there is little likelihood of an epidemic of the disease, it was considered wise to avoid any possible chance of aiding it.

New Milford - Quite a serious accident occurred Monday morning last when Lyman Gardner and Blanche Grinnell were on their way to school. As they were descending Shay Hill a thill broke and let the wagon run against the horse, which became frightened and threw both out; the horse then proceeded toward New Milford and near A. C. Barrett’s collided with Merle and Glenn Tingley, who were driving to New Milford. The collision smashed both vehicles and injured Gardner’s horse, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

News Briefs - In spite of the theory that all’s well that ends well, it is just as well to begin right. ALSO The automobile license tags for next year will have white letters and figures on olive green background.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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