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November 15 1895/1995

Lynn - Gilbert Baker is cutting wood for Harriet Fish, near her sugar camp, east of this place. AND S.D. Thomas, of Springville, is building a steam grist mill near the railroad crossing.

Forest Lake Centre - Judson Bolles and Lester Turrell make a very fine appearance as they dash along on their new bicycles.

Quaker Lake - Typhoid fever is prevailing in several families near Quaker Lake. Dr. Newton, of this place, has charge of the cases.

Hallstead - Phillip P. Weibler, a resident of Hallstead, has invented a reclining and folding chair, which, it is predicted, cannot fail to come into popular favor when placed on the market.

Montrose - During the violent rain last Saturday evening, several horses that were tied to the hitching rails along our business streets gave decided evidence of being scared at some cause, not apparent. The subject was a source of comment among a group that had noticed the demonstration, when an old gentleman offered a solution by concluding that so little rain had fallen in this section lately that the horses had forgotten what it was, and the animals were alarmed at nothing more or less than the torrents of falling water.

Little Meadows - The City Fathers have decided to let their light shine in the form of street lamps, which they are now having placed in position. We trust their far-reaching rays will beam brightly and never become smoky. The sidewalks have been repaired under the orders of the Town Council, and much of the surplus "rot" has been removed. It is hoped that those having individual walks will imbibe the spirit of improvement and place them also in good repair. There is a disposition prevalent to have some of our outlaying streets widened and new walks made rather than continue the "narrowing up" policy often prevailing.

Springville - There is talk of erecting a cider mill in this place, so the young gentlemen scholars of our school need not endanger life and limb running horses to get back to school in time.

South Gibson - Sneak thieves are operating in this section. Horse feed and poultry seem to be their booty. It is pretty well known who they are.

Auburn - Benjamin Luck, the old gypsy and family, who visited this place a year ago, has been with us again for the past two weeks. They broke camp on Tuesday for Factoryville.  AND  Ernest Risley has purchased a fine horse. Girls look out.

Oakley - Some preparation is being made for cleaning out the old flood wood near the old bridge of Oakley pond, which has been an eye sore to people in the place for many years.

Middletown Centre - Our creamery is about to close. AND P.E. Shonessy raised on his farm in Apolacon 1400 bushels of Potatoes.

Union Dale - Chas. Lockwood, of this place, and Maggie Redington, of Starrucca, were married at Hancock, NY, on Thursday, Nov. 7. After a flying trip through New York and New Jersey they resumed Tuesday eve to Starrucca, the home of the bride, where a grand reception was given them. The Starrucca band furnished the music. About 60 couples partook of an elaborate dinner, consisting of six courses. The Groom is a rising young man with bright prospect before him, and is so well and favorable known that no words of ours are necessary. The bride is one of Susquehanna County school teachers and we think that is recommendation enough for every one knows how sweet are all of our teachers and the bride is no exception to the rule. We extend congratulation and bespeak for them a bright, happy and prosperous future.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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