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November 14 1890/1990

Susquehanna - Blind Henry Wrighter, who recently drew his $16,000 pension money, purchased a barn for $5,500, ordered a $500 heater for it, bought 22 horses and 14 sets of harness and wants a wife, so says the Binghamton Herald. Not much he doesn’t. He is already married. [We hope that Henry may always have plenty of money and lots of fun].

Harford - Rev. H.A. Greene is expecting his wife home from the New York hospital next week. He is in search of a housekeeper to take charge of wife and baby. This help question is getting to be a serious one for girls in this vicinity that are attracted toward teaching or dressmaking.

Loomis Lake- E.E. Tower of Loomis Lake is improving this side of the lake, by taking out the old logs and getting out a grove of about a hundred trees.

Friendsville - The farmers don't send their milk to the creamery anymore not for the present anyway. They received a somewhat sudden notice to quit. The proprietor has gone on a pleasure trip.

Gibson - P.D. Bonnor will soon finish a stonewall job of one hundred rods for E.D. Shepardson.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: A dental scientist is quoted as authority for the statement that carries decay of the teeth is due to a contagious germ and can be easily contracted by kissing. This is an addition to the other evils charged to kissing; diphtheria, breach of promise cases and some day other unpleasantnesses have been ascribed, but it has held its own, and a great deal more against science. It will probably continue to delight lovers notwithstanding this latest indictment.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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