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November 13 1891/1991

South Gibson - A black overcoat belonging to John Lewis was lost on Oct 7 from Freeman Brundage’s wagon, while on the way to Foster. It was thought to be lost near Loomis Lake. If the finder will send it to South Gibson by the stage, or report its whereabouts they will confer a great favor on the loser.

Rush - Mr. Hibbard's colt is a large one, but he must be reduced a little. His weight is 1370 pounds instead of 1730, as related in the item last week. We feel conscientiously bound to make this correction in order to save Mr. Hibbard reputation.

Susquehanna - Dr. P.H. McGrath, dentist, whose office is opposite the town clock, wishes to announce that he is the only person authorized to use Odontunder [for the painless extraction of teeth] in this place. Any other person who Claims the right to use this most valuable preparation, tells an untruth. Don't forget this fact.

Dimock - The Methodists are about to commence repairing their church edifice, lately purchased of the Presbyterians.

Springville- Albert Beardsley often goes to Scranton to visit his daughter, Mrs. George A. Jessup. He was 91 last May and is lively and full of fun. There is no bald spot on his head and his thick hair lacks a deal of being white. Mr. Beardsley is a Connecticut Yankee.

News Briefs - Opinion Notes: One of the funny things of the campaign was that a man could enlist in the Army Oct 7, 1862, be shot and killed on July 21, 1863, and also on Aug 29, or 30, 1862, and then be mustered out of the service Aug 24, 1863. Venly the pranks of a Democrat as a solider, are a mystery, and past finding out. [From the Independent Republican, Montrose, in regard to the Civil War record of a candidate’s father]

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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