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November 11 1892/1992

Harford - Election passed off very pleasantly in our place. Two hundred and ninety-eight men voted, out of a total of 336. Men looked surprised as they finished their vote to see how easy it was and how little time it took. The rush was in the forenoon. At one time 9 booths had voters in them. Only amend the law in a few points and we believe it will be entirely acceptable. No steps backward. Marking, we think, should be with pen and ink. Republican majority, 48.

Susquehanna - Among the passengers on train No. 1 on Monday were ten prisoners from New York on the way to the Elmira Reformatory. All were chained down to the seats. It was a strange sight.

Clifford - Dr. M.C. Hunter's office was besieged with a large number of patients on Election Day evening. A good time was enjoyed by the young folks, and near the wee small hours all went home and allowed him to go to his little bed. The M.D. is gaining many friends in this section.

West Auburn - Your correspondent takes pleasure in noticing the great improvement in the roads of Auburn Township; especially is this case from West Auburn to Auburn Comers. Scarcely a rut or stone jars tour wagon during the entire six miles.

South Gibson - Mrs. Dr. Alice Burritt, of California, has been spending the summer with her mother at Uniondale, and many friends in this country. Mrs. Burritt studied medicine in a New York institution after which she went to California where she has been a successful practicing physician for nearly 20 years. The Presbyterian Church at Uniondale is being fitted out with a fine new furnace, a gift from Mrs. Burritt, who is now in Washington, D.C., visiting her brother, Payson, and sister, Mrs. Lillie Brock. AND Uncle George Woodard, now in his 92nd year, was able to go to the polls, a distance of three miles, and vote for Harrison. He has voted at every Presidential election but one since he became of age, and that time he was out of the place.

Lenoxville - We had some more rain on Friday, and on Saturday the thermometer went down below freezing, and I tell you that everybody wanted to hug the stoves. Snowed by spells all day.

Forest City - A new coal breaker is being erected five miles above Carbondale near Forest City. A coal mine is being worked about two miles above the city of Carbondale, where the miners have to go two miles before they come to their work.

Montrose - A wire was run from the Western Union office to the Armory, where the Republicans received the election return direct. AND Common Soda Water goes in summer because people are hot and thirsty and want something wet and cool, but in the winter it must be good or they will not drink it. McCausland's Fountain will continue during the winter drawing as good Soda water as there is on earth.

Little Meadows - Two weeks ago a tramp calling himself Jimmie McGraw, came along to Randolph, Beardslee's and wanted to work for him Mr. Beardslee hired him. Last Saturday he was on a "toot" and gave some trouble at the store and hotel. Sunday morning when Mr. Beardslee went out to the barn, his Jim was gone, and also McGraw. The horse was found later at Fitzpatrick's, who said the tramp came there and wanted to borrow a horse and wagon, as his horse had ran away and broken the wagon, but Patrick knew the horse and the tramp skipped and left the horse.

Lynn - William Smales has been busy the past week making cider near Springville. W.D. Smales and Fred Sherman can be seen daily making cider at the steam mill near this place.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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