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November 02 1900/2000

Great Bend - A peculiar bet was made between Ed Kilrow and Geo. O'Neill. If Bryan is elected Mr. Kilrow is to wear for two weeks a card bearing a significant epithet as "I was a chump," or "I was a fool," or similar expressions written on the card by his adver- sary. If McKinley is elected Mr O'Neill will wear a similar emblem.

New Milford - Hayden Hawley, of Philadelphia, who has been spending the summer with his mother, Mrs. J. H. Safford at Heart Lake, has completed the plans for the structure which is to become the home of the Pratt Public Library. It will be built of stone and the plans warrant the statement that it will be a fine structure and an enduring monument to the founder of the library, Mr. E. A. Pratt, whose ideas in regard to the building of a home for the library are being carried out by his son, Col. C. C. Pratt. The building will be erected next spring.

Brooklyn - Hallowe'en witches did their work well in this town. AND Our band is improving very much. They parade and [play] six selections Saturday evening.

Springville - Mr. and Mrs. Oak Culver entertained a large number of friends on Thursday, Nov. Ist., 1900, it being the 25th anniversary of their marriage.

Dundaff - Our Village school is prospering under the tutorship of Miss Nettie Crandall. The pupils seem to like their teacher very much.

Elk Lake - Mr. Will Hoag returned home late on a recent Monday morning, after spending the Sabbath among Camptown friends. It looks very suspicious "Billy."

Little Meadows - James R. Dowd, the inventor of a wagon tire furnace has now applied for a patent on a handy farm gate. AND The Little Meadows creamery, conducted by Walter Gould, will continue to receive milk till Nov. 15th. Mr. Gould has the sympathy of many friends in the loss of his estimable wife.

Montrose - Dandelions in bloom Nov. 9th. The fact is worth a place in your scrapbook. AND (From the Tunkhannock Republican) Jesse Phelps, of Montrose, was in town Monday. Jessie took unto himself a new wife about 6 months ago and dresses like another fellow from the old time Jesse Phelps of this place.

Stevens' Point - Thursday night Harry French, of Comfort's Pond, was at Stevens' Point and was there in a store paid $125. There were two strange men in the place who eyed the proceeding and a short time after, when he started for home, in his wagon, an attempt was made to hold him up on the highway, but he whipped his team into a run and escaped. He had on his person about $500. AND A Stevens' Point woman ten days ago left home with her adult son, without the consent of the husband and stepfather. They took away with them a wagon belonging to the husband, drawn by a horse belonging to the wife. On Monday afternoon the husband came to this place and accidentally met the wife and son who were returning home. A wordy war ensued and in the presence of a crowd there was a mutual separation. The husband took his wagon and harness and the woman retained her milk white steed. They turned their backs upon each other and went along out into a cold and wicked world.

Thomson - Hon. J. Wesley Cargill has returned from Pittsburg where he served as a juror in the United States Court. Mr. Cargill was a juror on the case of William Brits charged with illicit distilling of whiskey in Fayette county, and in the search of whose premises a government officer lost his life. Brits was convicted and will serve a long term in the penitentiary.

Hopbottom - Our hunters are getting rather reckless in this vicinity, having shot two men in the last few days. The first was Isaiah Sinsabaugh who received several shots in the back of his neck and A.J. Green was the next one they thought was a bird, he received some shot in the face.

Susquehanna - In Beebe Park on Saturday afternoon the Susquehanna football team defeated the Forest City team 16 and 0. AND M. B. Belcher, of Jackson St., offers a reward of $50 for the arrest and conviction of the parties who stole his gates on All-Hallowelen.

Lanesboro - On Sunday morning at about 1:00, while John Carl, a stonecutter, was passing through Main Street, he was seized by four masked men who hustled him into a barn where he was robbed, wound in a horse blanket, tied with lines from a harness, gagged and tied with ropes to a wagon. One man was left to guard him while the remaining three went to the store of Buckley Bros., which they burglarized, carrying off cash and goods valued at $100. Carl, after a time, found himself and gave the alarm. The burglars are still at large. Buckley Bros. offer a reward of $25 for their arrest or knowledge that will lead to their arrest.

Rush - After the glorious news reached here that McKinley was elected and Bryan relegated to private life for another four years, the club could not restrain their pent up enthusiasm and for an hour let loose the thunderous tongues of cannon, crackers, pistols, guns, etc., which reverberated amongst these grand old hills and valleys letting the people know the country was safe. People in other sections were equally enthused and we could hear the sound of loud voiced cannon in the distance.

Harford - The annual meeting of the Public Library was held Friday eve., Nov. 2. Address by Paul Sherwood, of Wilkes-Barre, was fine.

Court News: We note in the November trial list a case the like of which is seldom heard of in the Susquehanna county courts. It is the case of the Commonwealth against Mrs. Scott, on the charge of being a "common scold." The prosecutor is Mr. Scott, who, presumably is the suffering spouse of the accused. "A Common Scold" is an uncommon thing in Susquehanna county and the case will likely occasion unusual interest. (First names omitted).

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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