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May 9 1890/1990

Auburn - The Golden Anniversary of Ezra Alger and Mabel M. Meacham was celebrated at their home in [East] Auburn. They were married on the 30th of April 1840 at the home of James Meacham by the Rev. Frederick Lane, an Episcopal minister, Nine children were born to them and 6 survive.

Brooklyn - The Pomona Grange of Susquehanna County will meet at Brooklyn, Pa., June 3 and 4. The opening season on the evening of the 3rd promises to be one of the interesting features of the occasion. There will be good speaking, music, etc.

Great Bend- All regret the recent loss by fire of the Great Bend [Kistler] Tannery. Bad though it is for us that the new railroad from Montrose is going to Alford, let it go all the same.

Montrose - The movement to organize a county historical society lately proposed by The Democrat, seems to be meeting with general favor. Let’s have a society, by all means, preserve our local history from oblivion, and keep abreast of the spirit of the age. AND G.W. Doolittle photographed the members of the graduating class, also Principal B.E. James and assistant teacher Miss Lou Kent, at the Opera House. The class song was written by Miss C.F. McCausland, Class of ‘90, and the floral shop, which was an attractive feature of the commencement exercises of the high school, is now being admired in the show window at the Central Drug Store of S.J. Sparks and Company.

Susquehanna - The Borough officials are in a quandary what to do about, purchasing, Allen’s lot, at the corner of Main and East Main Streets, for the purpose of widening Main Street of that thoroughfare. Mr. Allen is preparing to build thereon at once and if the street is not widened now, it probably never will be.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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