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May 7 1897/1997

Herrick Centre – Mr. Alexander McVay, who has lately come from Ireland, is a guest of his" sister, Mrs. John Church. He was 19 days crossing the ocean.

Great Bend – Has a feminine ice vender Mrs. Hattie Loomis who has just put her wagon on the road for the season. Verily, the avenues of industrial enterprise are rapidly, opening to the fair sex.

Birchardville – Mr. Judson Bradshaw, accompanied by his daughter and in his wife, came from Parsons, near Wilkes-Barre, last week, and is the guest of Mr. & Mrs. Wellington Ball. Mrs. Bradshaw, daughter of the late Townsend and Elizabeth Baker, has been an invalid for a long time and during her illness has expressed a great desire to visit her old home. Now that she is once more among scenes of her childhood and her own native hills, and after resting, may her health be improved and her life be prolonged yet many years.

Silvara – Silvara is a busy country town of 25 or 30 families, two stores, two blacksmith shops, graded school and no liquor saloons.

South Auburn – Invitations are out announcing the marriage of Miss L. Veive Bunnell of Bunnell Hill to Earnest Love, one of South Auburn's most promising young men, May 5.

Oak Hill – Locust Hill Grange held a warm sugar party at their parlor on Wednesday night, preceded by a debate. Subject, "Resolved, that a man should obey all of the laws of his country."

Franklin Forks – George Rice is on the road with his meat wagon and glad to supply all who are in need of good beef.

Hop Bottom – Mrs. Ralph Can has a big baby boy. Weight 10 Lbs.

Forest City – Eldridge Reynolds, of Preston, formerly of Forest City, visited friends the first of the week. While here he met with an accident that would have ended the career of most men, but good luck and a fine constitution pulled him through all right. While at work in the rear of the breaker he was struck by a pusher and hurled a number of feel from .the track. For many hours he remained unconscious and no one thought he could recover.

Crystal Lake – The "Nellie May," a new steamer, will be launched.

Heart Lake – Application will be made before Judge Searle for a charter for the erection of a Methodist church.

Springville – The Springville supervisors have purchased two new Climax road machines.

Montrose – A new plan has been adopted at the M.E. church, by which the renting of seats is done away with, and a seat will be furnished free to all attendants. The church expenses will be raised by subscription.

Lenoxville – Will Miller's nice sugar bush was visited by a fire from the east.

Royal – The first game of ball of this township was played at Royal Saturday, between Clifford and Royal, which ended in a victory of 7 for Royal to Clifford's 6.

Choconut – We hope Tom Donnelly will have the opportunity of appreciating another good time in showing his neighbors what they ought to do or our neighbors appreciated a good lime in showing him what they could do]. Indeed!

Gibson – The box social held Friday evening by the ladies of the Band Aid was an event much enjoyed by all who attended. Much praise is due Miss Terwilliger for training the children, whose drill formed such a pleasing part of the program.

Harford – Seth Williston Thacher was born in Harford July 10, 1805, and died April 19, 1897, aged nearly 92. He was the youngest of 10 children born to John and Sarah Richardson Thacher. They came to Harford in 1799, from Attleboro, Mass., thus joining his brothers Moses and Samuel, Nine Partners. Mr. Thacher married Nancy Tiffany Sweet, Aug. 15, 1830, daughter of Capt. Asahel Sweet He joined the Congregational church in 1826, along with Clar Tyler [Clarke], Hannah Rice [Jackson], Phebe Stilas [Carpenter], Alvira Guile [Read], Rockwell Guile, Seth W. Thacher, Shepherd Carpenter, Abel Rice and William S. Tyler. The night before his death he was restless and asked his daughter to recite the 23d Psalm. Then he wanted some promises. Now," said he, "I'm going to sleep." In the morning he was dressed and put in his chair, and in a few minutes passed away without a struggle.

Susquehanna County – Warmer weather is here and so are the hazy, crazy fabrics which delight women’s hearts and deplete man's pocketbook. Never mind! Woman, with her artistic picturesqueness of apparel, her impossible fabrics, her delirious and delicious hat tiltings, could be though far more tangible, at the same time far less entrancing.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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