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May 4 1894/1994

Rush - The Patriotic Order Sons of America voted thanks to the people of Rush and vicinity for their kindness and liberality the 22nd of February last, the time of our entertainment owing to blunders by different ones this has not been jointed. The Camp at its last meeting, voted that this card of thanks be published immediately. AND John Devine owns an ewe which dropped four healthy lambs on Sunday last, the aggregate weight being 35 lbs. 2 ozs. A Democrat remarked that hat was the right kind of a sheep for Democratic times. An ewe mat only had two at a time was unprofitable.

Harford - One week ago Friday night the word was sent from house to house, in North Harford, that Robert Manson’s little son about three years old was lost The father thinking he was at home with his mother, and the mother supposing he was with his father where he was ploughing in a back lot, until it was dusk, and then they hoped he was at a near neighbors, but they had not seen him. Then the neighbors all turned out, equipped with lanterns, and searched until a little after 9 o’clock, when they found him about a mile from home, sitting up straight, eyes wide open, with a stick in his hand and had not shed a tear, did not seem to realize that he was lost and had no fear of the dark. There was a great rejoicing when he was found.

Herrick Centre - The Herrick Centre Dramatic Society is preparing very extensively to render another of their Dramatic plays entitled “Through the Breakers," which will take place next Saturday evening May 5th at the hall.

Susquehanna - It is expected a new Band pagoda will soon be erected. AND The war drama, "Foiled, or A Struggle for Life and Liberty” will be produced in Hogan Opera House May 18 by home talent, under the auspices of Moody Relief Corps, G.A.R.

Lawsville - We understand there were nearly one hundred at the raising of Almon Southworth’s barn. It is a very large one. C.H. Smith is building it. AND The friends of Will Ingraham made him a bee Tuesday, plowing the ground and getting in two large pieces of oats, besides plowing for his corn. Will has been having a good deal of bad luck this spring. He lost two of his cattle not long ago, and he has been very sick with the mumps. He is very thankful to the boys for their kindness.

Union Dale - Misses Ariette and Carrie Bronson, and Miss Kiltie Aitken, are getting to be very proficient equestrians, we see them out daily, and very nice they look.

Forest City- Enterprise Hose Company has been granted a charter by the Court of Susquehanna County. The boys are commencing extensive arrangements for the celebration of May 30th.

Montrose - The habit which many of our merchants have of burning waste paper out on the public thoroughfare should be discontinued during the summer. The papers fly all over, giving the streets a decidedly dirty and untidy appearance. These papers wash into the drains and clogging them up. The flying pieces are very liable to scare horses, and there are many other reasons that this nuisance should be abated.

News Briefs: The following are the latest fashions for young men: Creases are the conventional wrinkle which the newest fashion requires shall be put in trousers, coat sleeves and cuffs. Like its more dignified confrere the top hat, derby has a tendency to the bell shape. It has an ample brim, and has lost that flat and squatty appearance which was once one of its principal characteristics. The very little hats which suggested stove covers have disappeared entirely. Prince Albert’s must flare at the skirt and pinch around the waists; trousers must be smaller at the bottoms; hat, collar, shoes and coals should be dull in finish. Floss is out of dale. Bicycle riders will be interested in learning that there is talk of supplanting the popular pneumatic rubber tire with one made of paper. The reason given is that the latter is much less expensive than the rubber.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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