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May 31 1912/2012

Montrose - A hose race between the Montrose fire companies will take place tomorrow evening. A purse of $5 and a box of cigars will be presented to the winning company. The bell will be sounded between 7 and 8 o’clock, which will be the signal for the contesting companies to rush to the rooms and mosey down the pike to the corner of Union and South Main streets and lay a length of hose and turn a stream of water on. Judges will be stationed to give a proper decision, and the prizes will be awarded at Gardiner’s tobacco store after the contest. Mr. Gardiner hopes to have a number of these contests during the summer, but several members of No. 2 claim that after Rough & Ready have run a time or two they’ll be mild and—ready to quit.

Harford - We are sorry to see the band stand removed from our public square but as our boys are so scattered, it would not be likely to be used for its original purpose. ALSO The cannon and ball on the green have been painted and the carriage renovated. A new flag has been purchased which will float over the big gun on the green. ALSO Mr. Withers, one of our old “vets” is confined to his couch, but takes his sickness as he took the hardships that came to him in the war—uncomplainingly.

East Lynn, Springville Twp. - Dyer Taylor recently had a fine lighting system installed in his house and barn. It is so constructed that matches are absolutely unnecessary. ALSO In Springville, C. H. Lake is installing a modern bath room in his house, also putting in hot water.

Ararat - Mrs. Robert H. [Libbey] Shelley, aged 36 years, died at her home here, Saturday morning, May 18, 1912. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 o’clock, Rev. Father Eugene O’Boyle, of Susquehanna, officiating. Interment in Ararat cemetery. Besides her husband, Mrs. Shelley is survived by three children, Marion, age 9; Beatrice, age 7; and an infant, Libbey, who was born but a few hours previous to the sad death of the mother. Mrs. Shelley was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones W. Walker.

Susquehanna - Rev. Harry A. Mooney, a son of Mrs. Mary Mooney, (organist at St. John’s church and formerly and for many years musical directress at the county teachers’ institutes), celebrated his first Mass in his native town at Susquehanna last Sunday morning. He was ordained Saturday in the cathedral in Buffalo, by Bishop Golton. Father Mooney is well known in Montrose, having spent his vacations for a number of seasons at the home of Mrs. Calby, on Maple street. He is a very fine young man, a writer of excellent verse and a host of friends in all denominations wish him well.

Kingsley - Henry Seamans had the misfortune to lose ten cows, registered stock, which were struck by lightning in the shower Friday afternoon.

Brooklyn - Work on the State road is completed and the contractors have shipped their tools and material away. When Brooklyn bonded the town in order that the county should get the benefit of State aid in building four and a half miles of good road, she ought to have had the short piece of road built that would connect the present State road with the station at Foster [Hop Bottom]. At present the road is worth but a fraction of what it would be if connection were made with the station.

Royal, Clifford Twp. - Arthur C. Severance, postmaster and owner of a grocery store at Royal, near Crystal Lake, was run down and instantly killed at the Carbon street crossing of the Delaware & Hudson railroad in Scranton on Saturday night, when a passenger train struck and smashed to bits an automobile which Severance was driving. Severance was in the middle of the track when a passenger train going to Carbondale came along. Men called to him to jump, but he tried to back his car off the tracks. The pilot hit the auto, carried it 20 feet to one side and it struck the side of a house with a crash, then rolled into a ditch along the tracks. Severance was lifted from the debris to the sidewalk, where he breathed twice and expired. The auto was broken into bits and Severance was badly mangled. The body was removed to Cusick’s morgue and Sunday afternoon taken home to the widow, who was prostrated by the news of her husband’s awful death.

Forest City - Orlin Davis, a clerk in the Davis & Allen pharmacy, was badly burned about the head and face Friday afternoon, when a bottle of alcohol exploded in the prescription room of the store. When the alcohol blazed up, furnishings in the room caught fire. The damage to the store was slight. Davis was standing near an open bottle of alcohol and a can of kerosene oil and was lighting a match when the flame was attracted to the alcohol and then came the explosion.

South Gibson - Mrs. Will Owens has been assisting the town people with their house cleaning. She has a new vacuum cleaner.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - The young ladies here are practicing playing ball, as they intend to give an exhibition game the day of our picnic, the 15th of August.

Thompson - We are glad to note that the department at Harrisburg has notified the Thompson school board that their application for a High School has been approved. The term will open Sept. 1, with Prof. H. C. Burleigh, of Mansfield, in charge.

New Milford - Elwin Decker’s son was badly poisoned in an effort to clean the nozzle of a spraying pump. In order to loosen it he placed the nozzle in his mouth to suck it out. It loosened suddenly and a large quantity of the poison, composed of Paris green and creolin, entered his mouth and he swallowed some of it. Dr. W. E. Parks was hastily summoned and administered the usual antidotes and soon had the young man out of danger.

Dimock - W. J. Cronk has purchased a fine road horse, which leaves the dust far behind. AND Emma Avery, of Springville, has a large class of music pupils here, to which she gives lessons every Saturday.

Fairdale - Next Sunday in the M. E. church at Fair Hill there will be Sunday school at 1 o’clock and divine service at 2 o’clock. The pastor will preach. Subject, “Lessons from Springtime,” or, “Good sowing means good reaping.” You are cordially invited to the service. Epworth League at 7:30 p.m.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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