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May 30 1913/2013

Herrick Center - The 11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hines had the misfortune to get his arm cut off while jumping a train above the Erie depot on Friday. Dr. Fike was called and took the little sufferer in his auto to the hospital in Carbondale. Favorable reports are received and his recovery is expected.

East Kingsley - Miss Louise Boswell is calling on old friends after spending a year in Mississippi and Alabama, visiting her cousins and her brother, Arthur, his son and daughter. Her brother went to Mississippi when young and had a plantation and plenty of slaves, but when the war closed he was left a poor man and never came North to visit his parents, so Miss Boswell went and found his family and reports a very pleasant time, but likes Northern climate best. ALSO: Memorial services were held last Sunday in the ME church with a sermon by Rev. Murdock, one of the finest ever delivered or listened to. There were eight veterans present that marched behind the flag. There are five others in town but poor health and age detained them at home. One, M. C. Tanner, died that night. He fell and broke his hip Christmas morning and had been gradually failing ever since. That makes three veterans that have gone from Harford since Memorial day, one year ago—Mr. Withers, Mr. Peck and Mr. Tanner.

Franklin Forks - Lynn Hollenbeck, of Lawsville Centre, was awarded a contract by the County Commissioners, Tuesday, for the mason work for a County bridge at Franklin Forks, crossing Snake Creek. Mr. Hollenbeck’s contract will approximate $600, the bid being at $5.90 a cubic yard. The mason work to be completed September 1 and the bridge ready for use on October 1. Mr. Hollenbeck has had 16 years experience in bridge building in Susquehanna County, and knows his business.

West Lenox - The ladies of this place held an indignation meeting and called for volunteers to fix the road between the creamery and corners, which was safe for neither man or beast to travel, but was considered by the supervisor and constable as O.K. Eight responded to the call, viz: Grover Lawrence and team, Nelvin Empet and team, Guy Empet, Forest Whiting, Lewis Peck, Hendricks Adams, Eldridge Pickering and Charles Pickering. Last, but not least, they were treated to an excellent dinner at the home of Mrs. R. H. Smith. Dr. Taylor made pleasant remarks about the improvement in the hill road, which he noticed when riding over the road in the dark.

Dimock - B. O. Sheldon, of Lynn, will conduct the dining hall at the Dimock Camp Meeting for the next three years.

Gibson - The Gibson Dairy Association has installed an ice cream plant and is ready to serve the public with the “frozen dainty.” The Dairy Company is receiving 10,000 lbs of milk, making 700 pounds of cheese and 300 pounds of butter daily.

Susquehanna - Chicken thieves are again very active in Susquehanna. The Sisters at the Laurel Hill Academy were robbed of 20 fowls Friday. A resident of Oakland lost 25. Two weeks ago the residents of West Hill suffered a number of losses and now the prowlers are working on Church Hill in Oakland.

Lynn, Springville Twp. - Among those who will attend the encampment at Gettysburg July 1st to 4th, from this place, are: C. H. Smith, W. A. Welch, James Bagley, Elias Titman, Marvin Lyman and some others nearby. [50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg]

Little Meadows - Father Lynch has purchased the Little Meadows hall and improved it down stairs by putting in a kitchen and dining room. We are ready for the dances now.

Tri County Race Track - The Forest City News reports that, weather permitting, there will be a hot time on the Track, at Uniondale, on Memorial Day. There is a stake of $300 to be divided among the winners according to the rules of the National Trotting association, whose rules will govern the races and much interest is manifested in the event. The contestants have been in training for some time and the event promises to be the most exciting ever pulled off on the tracks. In the morning a game of base ball will be played between Dundaff and Uniondale. The grand stand will be free to all who wish to enter.

Oakland - Delos Church died suddenly on May 23d. He was arranging to make repairs to a house in Susquehanna when he suddenly collapsed and died almost instantly. He was a veteran of the Civil War and a highly respected citizen of Oakland, as well as a valued employee in the stores department of the Erie railroad. One son, Louis N. Church, of Oakland, survives. Funeral on Monday from the home of Mrs. E. Smith, Susquehanna.

Montrose - The members of the Presbyterian church are contemplating improving the interior of their edifice by redecorating the auditorium and chapel. ALSO: A representative of the Consumers’ Water Co., in defending the poor quality of water furnished the borough, alleges that it is in the charter that Montrose borough shall furnish the company with the best water to be found in Jones’ Lake (Lake Montrose). Therefore, the borough is responsible for the quality of the water. The 

company’s view is that if the borough does not furnish good water the company cannot be blamed.

Gibson - Burr Wilder, our popular young merchant and Miss Lillian Holmes, of Union Hill, were married Wed., May 21, at the parsonage, by Rev. Arthur Jones. The happy couple returned Monday from the honeymoon, which was spent with relatives in Potter county. The young people will reside with their grandmother, Mrs. Lovisa Wilder.

South Auburn - Ben Crawford, of California, is visiting relatives for the first time in seventeen years. In West Auburn, E. C. Gibbs, our blacksmith, has gone to Athens where he has secured employment and will shortly move his family. There is now a fine opportunity for a good blacksmith to locate here. Mr. Gibbs had a large patronage, but felt impelled to make a change in order to make a home for his children while they are completing their education in the higher schools.

News Brief - The celebration of the 136th anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the nation’s flag will be held on June 14 throughout the country. Special programs will be held in the schools and public services are being contemplated.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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