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May 30 1890/1990

West Auburn - The heavy rainfall of one week ago made the largest flood ever known to its inhabitants. It took away every bridge in the place except one and in many places the road is entirely gone, some places the depth of 4 to 5 feet. A large hog weighing about 200 pounds and belonging to D.H. Rugg, was swept away and found in the flood trash a mile away the next afternoon, alive and well. The church will rang to warn the people on the other side of the creek and Mr. Pawsinger played the Paul Revere part and came down on horseback to when warn the people to look out for the dam, which through the heroic efforts of the men at the pond, it did not break.

North Bridgewater - Miss Jennie H. Stephens has a fuchsia, which has 125 buds and blossoms.

Great Bend- Miss Nellie Simrell has been appointed to a good position in the Census Department at Washington.

Harford - Friday, May 23rd was a lonesome, homesick day for Harford people. Our Centennial, for which we had labored so long and looked forward to so earnestly, was gone; a thing of the past; never to come back to us again. We would have rolled back the wheels of Time, if possible, to enjoy it over again.

Montrose - Newspaper announcement, a meeting took place at the Court House, Saturday May 31, 1890, at 1:30 p.m. for the purpose of organizing an historical Society for Susquehanna County, for the preservation of manuscript history, relics, and all that may naturally of interest in connection with such a society. W.L. Thacher, of Harford, was named the first president.

Rush - The flood went through Myron Bradshaw’s new mill, just finished, cutting away his runway, undermined the mill and carried it over to one side, and took out his flume, which had not been found at last report.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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