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May 27 1899/1999

Susquehanna - Burglars on Saturday night broke in to Kayser's Main street clothing store and stole two suits of clothing and some gents' furnishing goods.

Montrose - Ashbel Warner, of Toledo, O. made his cousin Ex-Postmaster Warner a short visit last week. He is a son of Phineas Warner, Dec'd. He left this place 35 years ago at the age of 15 and is now a large real estate holder in Toledo. AND We noticed the other morning that a young lad, in "slicken' up" one of our shoeshops, brought out some large pieces of old newspapers, threw them into the street and left them there. It was a case of either ignorance or thoughtlessness, but it is a thing that should not be permitted. Paper not only makes the street untidy but it is a constant source of danger, for it often frightens horses and sometimes causes them to run away. Don't throw paper or other rubbish on the street.

Forest City - Assessors F. J. Hood and A. L. Morgan have completed their registry of voters and made their returns at Montrose Monday. 485 voters were registered in the second ward. This is an increase of over 70. Estimated by the generally accepted ratio of five persons for every voter, this would give us a population in the neighborhood of 4,990.

Uniondale - Our little town seems to have reached a point where business enterprise, improvements, etc., are at a stand still. We need some enterprise that will enliven trade, build up the town, and give us a new impetus generally. If we can't find coal let someone start something else.

South New Milford - Rolla Vergason is driving the milk team on the East New Milford line and Lee Jones runs the Harford milk train by here, making business look lively.

Herrick Centre - Mr. Rowley and family have moved to West Herrick. Mr. Rowley is employed as cheesemaker at the Crystal Spring creamery.

Brooklyn - It is rumored that there is to be an anniversary reunion of the Tewksbury family July 4, in the old church.

South Gibson - The many friends of Dr. McNamara were pained to hear of his death which occurred recently. His wife (nee Miss Ida Harding) was formerly one of Lenoxville's most esteemed young ladies. She has the sympathy of her many friends in her bereavement.

Rush - The Methodist society is showing considerable activity, they have a new church in contemplation, to be built in this village and have applied for articles of incorporation; they also propose to hold a grand Fourth of July celebration, the particulars of which will appear in these items later on. AND Mrs. Arthur Norton proved herself to be a plucky and skillful markswoman the other day when a hawk had swooped down into her yard and was carrying off a chicken, she seized a gun, shot the hawk and saved her chicken. Mrs. John Ball was not so successful, although she followed a hawk to the woods but missed hitting it and lost her chicken.

Great Bend - Mrs. Chas. Emmerson and son, Frank, and two grandsons, were thrown from a wagon in which they were riding, and all were bruised, more or less. Mrs. Emmerson being quite badly injured, but fortunately no bones were broken.

Lawsville - Persons who get lost after dark should carry a lantern.

Silver Lake - Lady Jane Grey School has made its annual visit here. While here the ladies visited Montrose as the guest of Miss Grace Camp, a former member of the school, and expressed themselves much pleased by their reception and entertainment.

Birchardville - Decoration Day was observed in a very becoming and pleasing manner. There was a goodly number present and Elder Tilden delivered a very interesting address. Beautiful wreaths and bouquets were laid on the graves of dead soldiers, also on the graves of many others. We have heard it said there is only one cemetery in Susquehanna county, where there are more soldiers buried than at Birchardville.

Jackson - Miss Mattie Curtis in the Post Graduate Hospital, New York, enrolled as a candidate for a trained nurse.

News Briefs: While digging a ditch at Owego a laborer came across the skeleton of four Indians. The bones were in good state of preservation, one of the skulls still retaining the teeth. The bodies had been buried surrounded by charcoal.

A fact not generally known, perhaps, is that Brigham Young, for so long the head of the Mormon churches, was baptized into that faith in a pool in Troy township, Bradford county, by a Mormon elder named Elezer Miller.

An exchange calls attention to the fact that persons owning land are in duty bound to destroy all Canada thistles found growing upon their premises. The legal penalty for non-compliance with this provision of law is from five to twenty dollars. It is the duty of constables, road supervisors and street commissioners to see that all Canada thistles are destroyed, or to enforce the penalty against the owner of the land.

A new law provides that all packages of butter made by working over stale butter and adding skimmed milk and other ingredients shall be plainly marked with the word "Renovated." There was a big fight in the legislature on the passage of this bill, a determined attempt having been made to have the term "new process" used instead.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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